Childhood memories

Childhood memories are the best ones we keep. Here are some that you may definitely relate to.

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Do you remember the day when your little brother was born,
He was cherubic and priceless yet your heart was torn?
Do you remember your first tantrum in school?
When you threatened that if she hits you will increase your tear pool?
Do you remember the day you stood shocked in the stage?
When your lips couldn’t move even though you memorised page after page?
Do you remember when you refused to help a stranger?
Thinking that talking to him will put you in danger?
Do you remember the day you parted with your friends,
When making your career, your niche, your family as life transcends,
I know you have buried it in the depths
I am the memory keeper, your memories are mine to protect


It always cheers up and uplifts my mood,
Whenever I thought about memories if my childhood.
The nostalgic thoughts make my face lit up and bright,
The anecdote of my childhood are infinite.
Those days were spent in the calm and serene place,
With no horns and no hullabaloo, only beauty to embrace.
I reminisce playing, fighting,  shouting and bonding with cousins and friends,
How on the walls and trees we used to ascend.
Impossible to forget the pretend play and games,
Calling the teachers with so many peculiar names.
Dear childhood, I miss you so much,
Again with you, I want to be in touch.


I miss  those magical days of yore
 When life was not only about  the chores
Days that were happy, giggly, gay and bright
Even the smallest surprises could make me smile
Childhood memories make me feel light
Life sans worries and anxieties
No fear of soiling clothes
Getting drenched in a downpour
Puddles of rain and colourful sailing boats
Entwined and wrapped in the blanket of mother’s love
My safest haven on the Earth
Sweet banter of siblings I often miss
In the cacophony of life
My heart yearns for carefree dreamy days!


Mom’s Magic
The waft of freshly cooked chole, 
Found its way to the street corner. 
My nostrils were triggered
And my legs paced faster. 
I ran home and stood still,
To devour the yummy food with eyes, 
Much before the hungry palate
Was satisfied with the aromatic spices. 
That was the magic of mom’s food, 
Something that lingers even now.
The thought of it triggers the taste buds
And starts watering in my mouth..


Sucking on those ice lollies,
Oiled hair plaited like a dolly,
Hop on with jolly,
Childhood memories are
full of lovely folly.
On papa’s shoulder we are tall,
Mumma’s arms acts like a wall,
Brother ,well he is a goof ball.
Childhood memories you can’t get over it at all.
A time that passed by like a breeze,
Wish a moment that i could forever freeze,
Life was so carefree
Childhood memories are the best I know you would agree.


Childhood memories of fun when revisited,
Bring on happy smiles and laughter uninhibited.
With siblings we share pranks , escapades, tears and joy,
Together we a childhood enjoy!
Playmate at home and at our beck and call,
For a partner in crime ,we don’t need to look far!
Whether raiding the fridge for the forbidden cake,
Or devouring the cookies in one single take.
During study time, diving into the world of Snoopy and Peanuts,
It’s only from the our sibling that we gather the guts!
A sibling has our back for every rule that we break,
In the bargain we do a truck load of memories make!


Childhood memories are like the blissful feeling after the first rain
Moments of joy interspersed with pain
The silly catfights over outdoor games
To avoid school and tuition, giving reasons lame
The birthday parties where we eagerly waited for the return gifts
Joyride was going up and down in the lift
Summer afternoons were spent at friends home
Life back then was not monochrome
I wish I could relive some moments once more
And some unfulfilled desires, I yearn to explore.


The afternoons of childhood
In that attic room,
secured as a mother’s womb.
Granny’s Rapunzel stories dispensed all the gloom.
With her, I looked for my doll’s groom,
While Mumma made the flower wreath on a sultry noon
with the yellow flowers that bloomed in the garden by the roof.
The summer evenings made their way merrily through.
Grandpa’s laughter kept at bae all blues.           
Happiness was unbridled and life was simpler then.
My heart still skips a beat while walking down the memory lane!
Reminiscence is now my only friend


The most valuable childhood memories
Are the one including my late mom
I was not so mature to cherish them
Nevertheless they occupy an upmost place if ever I come to rank them
The most selfless and protective relationship is that of a mother and child
If unfortunately mother has to abandon her child ,it deprives the child of her childhood forever.


The best phase of life,
How I long to see you again
My now is gripped in the
scents of nostalgia
Those carefree days,
The gleeful moments,
The unabridged version of
The uncondensed version
of true happiness,
The uncertainty ever marred our brows,
Worry did not even touch us,
Sans the burden of responsibilities,
Our shoulders rested free!
The meaning of unconditional love,
Never made more clearer!
O’ life take me to those days
Let me live it once again!


Childhood memories
Are the banks
Of the turbulent River
Called life.
Whenever the sailing
Gets rough
It’s a relief to dock ashore
And experience a
Revitalising Déjà vu


Childhood memories are rife in my mind
Each one taking on its own distinct hue

The pink walls of my parents bedroom , its paint cracking yet standing strong
The white fur of my first pet cat, its softness comforting, always reassuring
The green facade of my grandparents garden, much like their love, in quiet bloom
The white surface of our dining table, bearing marks of immense learning and growth
The deep yellow of the dal nourishing us as we transitioned through adolescence into adulthood

Then arrive the darker colours
Swirling speedily
Threatening to strike

The gathering of dark grey clouds as we grappled with the uncertainty of life
The murky brown of dried blood staining white uniforms
The fiery red of anger that coursed through my being for things I couldn’t control
The purple jamun stains on the road outside our house, washed away by merciless floods
The black finality of death, grief washing over me for years to come

I close my eyes and let the colours settle upon my being
Seeking solace in silver linings


Those naïve, insouciant, carefree days of bliss
The peerless exuberance of mother’s kiss
With her arms wrapped around my tiny frame
Cradle of love ‘n affection, life was a fun game
Chasing the butterflies through the verdant green
Life was jocund emanating radiating sheen
Jumping on muddy puddles celebrating life
Happiness was at arm’s length sans any strife
Ahhh.. the euphoric memories of childhood
Garnished with love, tenderness and all things good.


I remember those days
in the walkways,
Where you held me tight
in the daylight,
out of fright.
You the shied of my life,
made me a better knife,
to cross the wildlife.
I thank you for the walk
It did unlock
the Sherlock
to know the world…


The eve full of smiles
And no forlorn cries
It was a dream
Or a fairytale
The joys of childhood
Are beyond scale
When we fell
But never got shattered
Getting up again
Was all that mattered
Treasure of this
Island of memories
I would always cherish,
Sometimes I would
Dive in it’s ocean,
For a moment of Ignorant satisfaction


Childhood memories always pleasant
It always gives me fervour when I remember
Going on heights with my friends makes us
Jubilant which creates wonders those beautiful
Moment always stays in reminiscences enjoying
The waterfalls keeps mesmerizing us that time was
Unforgettable feels I was on cloud nine.


Childhood memories are all I have left
Those are the things that keep me safe.
For I know I once was happy in reality
Now everything has just gone to hell.
Is life at present a boon or bane?
I do not know for sure
Because nothing feels the same.
The emptiness crawled up every wall I made.
It never misses a moment, every attempt to push it,
Goes in vain.


Gone are those…
Those crazy, curiosity filled days of my life
Harder I wish to capture those moments,
Truth doesnt permit
To relieve that lost life.

Precious days waited for none,
One blink of eye and the past has gone.
Time moves on
Future has no scope to wait,
Still wanna run back in time
To rediscover the tears, fears and joys


What  a pleasure to cherish Our childhood memories
Running after butterflies
Trying to hold them in our hands
Joyous by their colors spreading on our fists
Saddened by fading of those colors
We didn’t know these colors may fade in our hands
But the colours of these memories will brighten our lives forever.


That birthday party with a cake and samosa,
Sunday’s finger licking dosa 
That innocent smile after breaking a jar,
Crying loudly if scolded was bizarre
Stretching of cheeks by others ,
We all loved to draw and colors
Looking at the shining star at night ,
Thinking , I will also make my world bright 
Tagging our fathers as superheroes every time ,
Aspiring to be like them all the while 

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