Spelling Bee Winners – January 2022

WriteFluence believes in building writers into authors, and that is not possible without gaining the power of knowledge. English is a language with too many words that we do not use in our day-to-day life. 

The vision behind this contest was to develop a learning attitude, to make sure we learn more words and become or create even better writers of ourselves.

We are very pleased to announce our winners for our first spelling bee contest!

Top three winners from age groups:


Aadhya Raju

Shravya Acharekar

Amey Bordekar

13 and above

Rachana Desai

Suvra Bhattacharya

Beenita Chowdhury

All winners:

Roshini OmKumar

Khavya Arthimalla 

Ishani Majmundar

Athena Ningthoujam 

Sonal Prakash Chanekar

Nayan Joshi

Rishika Gupta

Amol Bhatia

Binal Joshi

Angel D’costa

Punit Saraf

Kajal Raut

Sonali Pradhan

Sonal Muzumdar

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to all the participants who made this event a success!

  • All winners will be sent a virtual certificate of achievement from WriteFluence within 2 business days.
  • Top three winners will be sent the winner’s trophy within 10 business days (depending on the location and shipping delays if any, due to covid restrictions)

Look out for our next one coming up sometime next month!

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