Live The Life You Love

Life has a way of throwing curves at us and as we skim across our life, not taking the time to feel both joy and sadness, we often seem to miss the essence of who we really are. So, live uniquely, because, by definition, you have to. And there isn’t a blueprint for life, other than to define your own happiness and pursue it with a vengeance.

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The average human lifespan is 75 years. And even in those long 75 years, we spend so much time doing things we don’t even want to do. God, we keep chasing happiness in things that aren’t even real like a fancy apartment, or a latest smartphone or for that matter a fancy attire, and in chasing these materialistic things we get so lost that we often forget about real happiness. The happiness of falling in love, the happiness of travelling the world, the happiness of making someone smile or the happiness of making friends who fit seamlessly into your life.

My friend, you’re living your gift. So, why not wear it like a beautiful gown or a fine suite!!

Yes, I agree that it’s overwhelming at times to try everything you ever thought you were good at but nothing seems to make sense. But again, let me tell you, TAKE A BREAK!! No don’t have a kit-kat. Or do. That’s upto you. But, please do not make it any more drama by cribbing over things that you don’t even bring you real joy.

Simply, reach higher than you think you can and make each moment count. Smell the earth, see the wind brush the trees and watch the stars that fall in the night. Speak to the ones you love and tell them in soft words that you love them. Touch the hands that need help and at times let your heart be your guide. And finally, live well with what the world bequeaths you. Because only then you’ll have a life worth remembering!!

-Shivangi Kharbanda

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