I wrote a small poem

Announcing the winners a little differently this time.

We have the top three winning poems mentioned below. The other winning entries were all read live by Sneha Acharekar (Author and Podcaster of Stories by Sneha; on our Instagram today. The link of the same is mentioned below.

Thank you Sohini Roy for this very creative sketch for the prompt.

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!


I wrote a small poem once
With the lilt of a happy gushing brook
It meandered in alleys of consciousness
Through life’s little ironies, cheering up from dark lonely nooks
Sung from brightly-lit podiums
It echoed through sleepy towns
Was enriched with each fresh reading
As it wiped out sadness and frowns
Now, though I’ve been put to eternal rest
People exclaim at my photos, “I know him!”
And I flow through generations, embracing them
Because once, I wrote a small poem.


Traversing through the labyrinth path of the mind
I am striving to find
A solution to my heartache
If you dissect me, one would glimpse that every bit of me has begun to break
I have endured colossal loss in keeping everyone pleased
That now I feel squeezed
The scathing remarks and comparisons are etched deep
Clutching my pillow tight, I cry to sleep
Unable to silence my inner cacophony, I wrote a small poem to give words to my sorrow
Hugging my pillow once more, I drift to sleep thinking about tomorrow.


I wrote a small poem.
It was all about you.
It had a sad ending.
Like most poems do…
I stare into the skies.
The endless night.
Of what could have been.
Of all I could rewrite…

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