Vibrant hues

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Her voice weaved vibrant hues
Of romance and love, 
Sadness and separation, 
Motherhood and anxiety, 
And patriotism too. 
Listening to her, 
Was like seeing a rainbow, 
As emotions flowed through
Her vocal cords like colours
Emanating from a paint brush. 
She will be missed, 
But our hearts will remain coloured, 
With the hues of her voice.


On a cold winter’s afternoon
The postcards of summer crowd my mind.
So I gently close my eyes.
I am walking barefoot upon the fresh green grass,
The wildflowers in full bloom.
I can feel the sunshine caressing my face,
The pink fizz of a soft drink inviting me in.
I look up at the beautiful sky,
The seagulls appearing like spilt milk.
Oh how I long for nature’s drama!
So I patiently wait
To be beckoned again by summer’s vibrant hues.


Last spring as I strolled in the lanes of Tokyo,
It was with cheerful cherry blossoms aglow!
Laden boughs, a sight for sore eyes,
Imagine dazzling pink streets under the azure blue skies!

Pink and white flowers so ephemeral and delicate,
They invite ‘Hanami’ and people to celebrate.
Vibrant hues coloured the skies till one could see,
The ground adorned with a carpet of swaying petals from the trees!

The resplendent scene presented by nature is for us to eulogize,
This fuschia charmeuse is the season’s heavenly surprise!
I carry a screenshot of this picture where ever I go,
It makes me smile and with happiness glow!


There she came in her gown
Dressed in vibrant hues
A mellow yellow, a faint orange
Leading a veil of muted blues
Hundreds throng for a pic of her
While she flashes her colours
Some gasp, some sigh at her
As she blushes in delightful candor
She turns red, then rust and purple
As she bids goodbye in grandeur
Not all of us are lucky to witness
The beauty of evening golden hour


The vibrant hues of life
Emanating from white light
Admire than everyday
Subtle  somber yet delightful
 Always leave me craving for some more
Radiantly dazzling yet soothing my eyes
Often I want to revel in its opulence
And behold in my heart forever and ever
in the prism of life, we must see the unseen
Alive joyful and bright
Pains pleasures and sorrows
 The wondrous gifts of god
Vibrant splendor The Almighty bestowed upon us
 Life is a painting to be appreciated
Rejoice in the mesmerizing pleasures!


And I know not when, or why, I lost her,
An enigma, I cannot decipher.
The understanding that gradually grew,
And years of friendly hues;
It was all lost, like inked-papyrus in brine,
For I left her alone, afar beyond Rhine.


A little bit of introspection made me comprehend
That I had put my longings at the end
In pleasing and catering to everyone’s urges, I had faded away
If I had to shine like the brightest star, I had to learn to live life my way
Imperative it was to love me
And be carefree
As I practised the art of self-care, returned my misplaced vibrant hues
Metamorphosed I was, that I had bid sayonara to all my blues
Now I am in a happy space
Touchwood, there is a glow in my eyes and on my face.


Color me not in the shades of grey or blue
But immerse me in pink and yellow vibrant hues
I don’t like to get drench in sadness or pain
But I love to get soaked in happiness rain
Life is a white canvas
Where your moods paint heart with different colours ..everyday
Cheer yourself, whenever sadness grips
Life is short, keep smiling, don’t always crib.
Treasure every moment before it slips.


Vibrant hues, the glass reflects
All the seven colours
Of the rainbow.
Beauty of the pink,
The cool shade of blue.
It all comes down
To the yellow mood
Of it all.


In all glory, in vibrant hues
Fresh greens and mellowed blues
Bright yellows of the sparkling sun
Velvets of the evening sky stun
There’s beauty in the dark night sky
Twinkling stars n silvery moon shining high
In all her glory, in vibrant hues
Nature, my forever muse


You’ve said goodbye to shades
Black and white are yesterday
Too stern and too dull
It’s time to play big, not small
Ushering in the rich and the bold
The spectrum of color your personality holds
The vibrant hues; the yellow, the gold
Forsaking the rules, defying what you’re told
Humming to Frankie’s classic tune
You know what you have to do
Do it your way
Now, here, TODAY


In the vibrant hues of nature
I see you; I feel you
In the vibrant hues of my soul
Your seraphic presence initiates my well being
In the vibrant hues of my unvoiced emotions
Your subtle spilling on paper proffers incredible solace
In the vibrant hues of my mundane chores
You are the ray of hope for which I survive
You are my love for words, my poetry
Without you, I’d have surrendered to nothingness
Sans resistance.


I saw the world black and white,
It was either true or false,
Was being righteous always cool?
No, it spoiled all the fun.
I was always confused, why little lies were so good?
People basked in the glory of saved relations.
I hated the pretentious expressions.
Then I grew up, I found, to look upright, you need to be a hypocrite
The world changed and spread a thousand vibrant hues.
Colours of love, friendship, generosity, compassion and selfless affection,
All need some shades of grey,
Because life lies, somewhere between the earth and sky.


Morning wake up ;
After a breakup.
After the tears ;
A new chapter.
Finding right ;
In wrong.
Having a coffee;
With a smile;
After expired feelings;
Giving rise to vibrant hues vibes.
Starting it with ;
The cherry on the cake right.


A mist enveloping her shoulders
Yet she glorifies her tinging shades. A transit lady in vibrant hues
defeating the powerful droplets.
Smear of new blob formed
over powering the shower
the rains hide her tears
Dazzling her colours like summer beam,
the only weakness catered
the blossoming lady persists
in rain for all are tears wither.


I need no more blues.
Friendly adieus will do
I’ll set my vibrant hues
Tuning in with my brand new rules
Happiness is overdue
Life clearly comes without a cue!

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