Love me beyond just this day

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, here are some poems written for love to stay beyond just this day.

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!


Words are just that, as binding or breezy
as the people that say them,
and yet words are all we have to describe tomorrow.
Will you love me beyond just this day?
If there is another sunrise will you love me
through the sun and storms and tedium?
I don’t know why I ask,
as I will love you for all of our tomorrows
whether you love me or not.
What do our words about tomorrow mean?
Everything and nothing.
As long as we have this day.


Love me beyond just this day,
For once I want to feel how it is to be chosen and loved with eyes that shows love will stay,
For once I want to know how to dance with your soul while my heart sings with melodies that sway,
For once I want you to hold me tight in an embrace that takes my fears away,
For once I want you to be with me and think of me as someone who can cheer you up any time of the day…
Love me just beyond this day,
And tell me that you will stay;
Eveb though we both know tomorrow ,
You will be going away


Love me beyond just this day,
Worries harboured far away.
Starry night of liquid love;
Your velvet voice; you make me sway.
Love me beyond just this day.
Hold me close, close you stay.
Paradise we may lose and regain,
Let’s seize the time, come what may…


‍‍‍Love me beyond just this day
Ever and Elite; Embellishing perpetually
I adore you and I’ll serve you;
The deepest warmth you’re fond of,
I carry the empathy you’ll groove on,
And we’ll cherish our radiant rhythm.
It’s the moment to blend our pious duo
As empowered by Aphrodite!
I owe you as a charismatic gift
So need it till my existence!


Love me beyond my wildest dreams
Love me till I know what love means
Fill me till I’m bursting at the seams
Lift me till I’m hanging from the beams
Love me beyond just this day
Love me in each and every way
Love me till I hear you say
And all because the lady loves Milk Tray.


Love me just beyond this day
That is all that my heart has to say
May happiness forever reside in our paradise
When boredom creeps in, let’s rekindle by adding some spice
Our love is special and unique
In your embrace, my joy peaks
When you hold me tight
You soothe my fright
Without me saying anything, you understand me
With your lame jokes, you bring back my misplaced glee
Our story has a special place in my heart
I pray that may we never part.


Love me
Just beyond this day
Is the prompt
But I beseech you
To love me
Beyond this life
Just as I will
Forever and more


Love me beyond just this day.
Let your love be a blanket that keeps me warm through life’s coldest nights,
A familiar language that I seek in a new foreign place,
A carpet so soft that it protects me, however treacherous the fall.
So love me forever my precious,
For isn’t our love meant to transcend the boundaries of time and space?


Though you send wishes,
my wedding ring wishes for your usual kiss,
though you say sorry,
my ears desire for your sweet squabble.
Since the day we met
till the day we left,
since the day we fought for a broken pencil
till the day we argued for our broken heart
you were the one I found,
you were the one I bonded.
Oh dear, please love me beyond this day,
at least once before he gets me


Love me beyond just this day
Naah.. I’m not the one to ever say that!
For love that requires an instruction manual
Fails to appeal me, as it lacks spontaneity
For love is all about feeling the subtle flow
Of unbridled fervent emotions that’s unrestrained
Yet tethers two loving souls with its gossamer thread
Weaving ‘em together into the magnanimous tapestry of life.
Communicating with unvoiced words or even through silence
Hence, keeping those instructions at bay
Spontaneous love keeps me happy and gay!


Crush me with desire
Consume me in your fire
Enraptured by your perfect heart
But decide before you start
My love is yours to own
It’s not on loan
Love me beyond just this day,
Make it real or go away,
I don’t play.
If you want me, stay.


Love me just beyond this day
and let your love stay
Love me for what I am with my drawbacks all
Love me each time I fall
Love me when I’m sad and blue
And let your love be sincere and true
Love me the way I love you
and all I ask in lieu
is my love , in the right light may you view
Love me a little bit more
Your love I want to painstakingly store.


The sun creeps upon the sky
And the drops from the rainy season
Isn’t it enough for my live sight
All I want was you my beside
A glimpse from you behind the wall
A couple coffee in the sunrise
Just beside you just beside me
Least Love me beyond just this day
Water won’t yearn from its place.


Breaking out,
The silence between us.
Wish to see those eyes,
With immense hope.
Want that lips,
To kiss my chin.
Take me close,
And hug me.
Sit silently,
Let feeling open up.
With the shore breeze,
I want you to love me beyond just this day.


As fresh bouquet of red roses
gifted through your hugs and smiles each and every day
Through every rise and fall of Sun and Moon.
Love me beyond just this day
As flutter between my systole and diastole,
humming all pains away

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