Dear Daughter,

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Dear Daughter,
Today when I reminisce and look back,
I can’t help but wonder;
Would I have been able to crack,
The mother-daughter bond, with all my blunders!

Mercifully just in time, I learnt to be a parent who ‘listened’
And ‘heard’ your unspoken desire to fly and helped you soar,
Glowed with pride when you achieved your vision,
And admired your tenacity and the will to reach your goal!

Now dear daughter, our roles have interchanged,
You, a woman of today has showed me the way,
To prioritize myself and my options rearrange,
To live life on my own terms and give a damn to whatever people may say!


Dear daughter,
I welcome you with open arms.
Come to me with a big cry
to ensure your healthy and lively welcome.
Your first is something
that I really want to hear .
Waiting a month, then two, then three, four , five, six, seven, eight, and nine.
Impatient enough to see you,
But waiting patiently for your life to be safe.
Me and your dada
always talk to you.
Can you hear our voice?
I don’t doubt your instinct,
Just be brave enough for some more time,
You are safe enough inside.
Be good enough in there,
And move all you want inside.
We will welcome you here outside
My Dear Daughter.


Dear Daughter,
In the world of silent emotions,
Be a voice of yourself to reflect,
Let your words reach the corners,
Let your actions speak to others,
Always remember to be brave,
Do not shy away from yourself,
From the realities of hardships,
Dear Daughter,
You’re always a special one,
The one with a lot of courage,
Within you lives love-filled depth-
Of sweetness and affection,
Your tender heart melts my soul,
And your innocence melts my heart,
I love you to the moon and back,
I only ask you to remain the little one,
I always wish to see in you,
My Dear Daughter,
I bless you to stay happily ever after!


Dear daughter
You are a winner.
As you walk up the stage to receive your Oscar,
Do not hesitate to exude your aura.
Let your feet not falter,
And never cower.
Listen to the applause as it resounds louder.
For, you are a winner.
But, as you read this letter,
I will be somewhere better.
Remember, you will always be my daughter.
And I, your mother.


Dear daughter,
Life is a learning
We are all here to learn our lessons
Don’t be ever scared to make mistakes,
To lose
More important is to get back up and move forward
Follow your path with utmost dedication
Overcoming all obstacles
You were born to shine
Born to be a star
Don’t let anyone dim your light
Your effervescence..


Dear Daughter,
There are 7.7 billion people in the world
But there can never be another YOU
Soar high, fly free like a bird
Face your fears head-on, embrace experiences new
If you fall, get up and walk again
You have all the strength that you need within you
Dark days do not last forever, you will learn to smile again
Always remember, the good, bad, ugly, wonderful parts of you, everything put together is what makes you uniquely YOU
Accept yourself as you are, never lose faith in yourself
You are the only one who will stay with yourself till the end
Be kind to others, be kind to yourself
Always strive to be a good person, there cannot be a bigger achievement


Dear Daughter,
You are the princess of your kingdom
Warmth and compassion is your realm.
You are born with inherent strength to fight all odds
Coming out winner in every game, as promised by Gods.
Your charm melts people’s heart
However, your tenacity surprises them.
You are born to conquer, my adorable precious gem.


Dear daughter, the moment I held you for the first time
My heart chimed and I felt a love of another kind
A beautiful addition to my life, my treasure trove
You are a never-ending song of happiness and joy
The mellifluous tone of your voice
Everytime you call me “MAA”
I could feel it’s  tug at my heartstrings
Like a gust of fresh air
Your presence uplifts my home
You are the saviour of my soul!


Dear Daughter,
Dance like no one’s watching
Sing like no one is listening
Fly with the wind beneath your wings.
Laugh, let your laughter resound within the empty cockles of this mostly grim world .
Always speak your mind and follow your heart.
And when you find yourself lonesome remember to find your way into nature’s lap,
Rejuvenated, optimistic, bliss.


Dear daughter,
When you feel your dreams shifted aside,
Be assured, I’m beside,
When you feel the tides of taboos,
Engulfing your democracy,
You will find me by your side,
When you find yourself lost in the pool of prejudice,
You will always find yourself,
Shielded by my arms,
Daughter dear.


Dear Daughter,
Your incessant chatter is the source of my laughter
You are the apple of our eye
I dread the day we have to bid you goodbye
Your antics quell my blues
To my monochrome life, you add myriad hues
You are my role model who has taught me the meaning of self-love
Princess, you surely are a blessing from above
My heart is in my mouth when you are queasy
I break down seeing you uneasy
As I see you grow, I want you to spread wings and fly
Fear not, I will be by your side in lows and highs
Eternally I will love you, my child
Be spirited and wild


Trust not everyone, my child
It’s not a simple world out there!
There are hawks and vultures
waiting to dig their claws into you,
Let them not find you very soft.
I may not be there always to protect you from evil eyes,
So learn to judge those eyes on you
Not every touch will be warm
Use all your strength, keep those away!
We live in a place with confused minds.
Don’t let their pressures confuse you.
While you should obey your elders, yes!
Not all elders may be wise.
Someone will break your heart some day.
Someone you trust will back-stab you.
It’s just a phase and it will end…
Don’t forget to breathe and let it go.
Breathe. Your life is more precious.
What you feel is important.
I don’t care what they TALK about you,
and you should not pay it any heed too.


Dear daughter

From the moment I held you in my arms ,
I knew that my world had changed for the better ,
You are growing up to be a beautiful young girl ,
Some piece of advice from your always caring mother —

Always follow the path of truth even though the other ways may seem easier ,
Learn to respect and love everyone and always be caring and humble my child ,
There will be numerous obstacles in life , but promise me not to worry ,
Try your best to be patient through the journey and make your life worthwhile !!

Follow your dreams and work towards achieving all your goals ,
I will pray always that you keep shinning bright like the stars ,
Never ever forget that papa and I will love you the most in the world ,
We are proud parents today and will always be no matter how close or far !!


Dear daughter
There is no greater joy than sharing life with a daughter,
The joy, the fun, the cuddles and giggles, the laughter !
Define your own sky and soar higher and higher
Live and love your dreams, don’t let them wither !
You are your sun and you are your moon
Don’t wait for someone to give you a boon
Blaze your own path and walk on it proudly
The world can look on, or applaud loudly !


I see myself in you, my darling girl, 
And I know you are more capable, 
I want to tell you to, 
Just dream high, believe in yourself, 
And see your dreams unfurl in front. 
Never let go of your dreams
Or wait for others to achieve the same, 
You need to scale it yourself
And you can, that your Mumma knows!!


Dear Daughter
The world is beautiful
Make it even better!
Sow the sunshine
And nourish your laughter!

Dance to the rhythm
Of the rain and thunder
Cause you are the lightning
To tear the pall- asunder!


Dear daughter, make your choices, raise your voice, share your thoughts and throw all the shots, Be you, be true, let go, move on and every day – just be happy happy version of you


Dear daughter,
You are a wonderful blessing,
A treasure from above.
Your laughter, giggles and cuddles,
The charm of your smile I love.
You bring joy to my life,
I want to keep you in my heart deep inside.
Whenever you achieve something,
You fill my heart with pride.
With every year that passes,
You become more special than before.
All ups and downs we are facing together and I love you more and more.


Dear my little feminist, I have so much to tell you, but so little time, we’ve come so far, but yet we’re still behind…the 5 rules to remember:
1. TAKE RISKS, with legs shaking, palms sweating, that will be your making 2. NEVER. LET. THEM. SILENCE. YOU, have a voice, tell your truth, make YOUR choice 3. Make mistakes, those who don’t, achieve nothing at all, you’ll be stronger once you fall 4. Be nice to EVERYONE, stay humble, even a CEO can take a tumble 5. Lastly, have passion and love for what you do, set your soul on fire, always be you, It won’t be easy, always remember that you’re strong, now go out there my little feminist, and prove all the doubters wrong 

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