Speak good, or say nothing!

How easy it is to be kind… or how difficult is it? Read on!

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Be humble enough to sit with everyone,
Patient enough to stand tall,
Nobody’s perfect in this imperfect world,
The acts of kindness wins every heart.
Words have power to rupture or create harmony,
Kinds words can’t be bought with money,
Be someone’s soothing balm,
Help them stay calm,
Speak good or say nothing at all,
For the wounds of harsh words, even time can’t heal it all.


Unkind Words, they burn and scar
Like hot wooden embers falling upon a delicate carpet
Speak good or say nothing

Rude Words, they stab and hurt
Like sharp knives against sensitive skin
Speak good or say nothing

Negative words, they pull and trample
Like heavy weights tied to nimble feet
Speak good or say nothing

As much as words empower
They also destroy
Much like a double edged sword
Forever dangling at the tip of our tongue


Say good or say nothing?
Can I not speak out against evil,
Decry that abuses of my fellow man,
Condemn the actions of tyrannical leaders?
I will not say good about all.
I owe it to those I love,
I owe it to the future of humankind.
I must raise my voice,
Stand alongside those
Who are brought to their knees.
I will not remain silent.


Speak good, or say nothing!
I know it won’t be much entertaining.
For if words are a weapon to dash and scar,
They will leave you bleeding with an inflaming mark.
When their malice engulfs your soul and leaves you on the shore,
There will be no going back if your mind still lingers on their echoes.
They say that words have the power to inspire and to injure, have you chosen yours?
If to remain indifferent was a choice, its better to remain numb.
As leading a better tomorrow would require your firm hold on these words.
For words can heal and will get you going.
When the numbness takes over, they will rescue you with all their might.
For when chosen wisely, sky will be the limit for us to rise and enrich this stride.


Words aren’t just a bunch of letters,
They are emotions painted in vivid colors.
They aren’t inanimate things wafting in the air,
But, are alive with the power to heal and break beyond repair!
When words are spiteful and scathing,
Choosing silence can be a blessing.
And when they are kind and encouraging,
Unleashing them can be uplifting.
Let positivity flourish and leave negativity starving,
Speak good or say nothing!


Negative words have the power to push someone into an abyss,
That bouncing back becomes arduous
Acerbic words can scathe someone’s soul
Leaving the scars firm as steel
Words have the strength to maim or mend
Make it your goal
To speak good or say nothing
So that at least you don’t hurt if you can’t heal


Speak good, or say nothing,
Was the ground rule of my mother’s teaching!
It did hold me in good stead,
When I grew up and my wings spread.

It’s easy to speak off the cuff,
And shine under the spotlight with you bluff!
Easy too, to put down some poor bloke,
With your cruel jibe or a wicked joke!

But to keep the family and friends close knit,
It requires you to your ego submit!
Kind and thoughtful words is all that it takes,
To see smiling faces and winning the sweepstakes!


A Scottish town’s girls jumped in the fray,
when the town held a beauty pageant.
The town’s people witnessed the best lookers,
they possessed charm, poise and talent.
One of the bonny lasses was a chubby girl,
with creamy skin and rosy cheeks,
she had big green eyes like limpid pools,
and golden locks peppered with scarlet streaks.
‘Aren’t you a bit heavyset for this contest?’,
asked her one of the judges rudely,
‘Please sir, speak good or say nothing!’,
told him a town lad shrewdly.


You better shut up now
Speak good, or say nothing
I can’t take your hate anymore
If you don’t stop
I say goodbye
This time for good
Now I choose me
You have done enough


I have nothing left to say you can’t hear me anyway I’m still here all alone you are gone so far away.
Never to come back and hold me in your arms never to hold me close and whisper to my heart.
Life has lost its colors all I feel is a dull grey my heart and mind are numb from loneliness and pain. Moist eyes and muffled cries gave way to cold, empty days I go around with a lifeless stare
Either speak good or nothing to give, nothing to say for you can’t hear me anyway.


Hey world ,
There is enough
Worry in this world already
Enough to steal
Your peace of mind
Enough to drench
All that you have
Enough to make you suffer
Be kind and soft
With your words please
Speak good or say nothing


In a cocoon created by the world,
What lies within our sanities,
Not to create a cobweb of words,
That is uttered in haste,
Speak good or say nothing,
Because there is something,
In every fire full moon gaze,
Life brings the best when it’s your own,
And you own the credits to what you say,
In a cocoon created by the world,
We live our lives that’s too short to hate!


God gifted you with such a powerful tongue ,
Think before you use it like a sword ,
A strike with it can turn a child into a ward ,
A destruction of a whole aspiration can cause ,
Instead make flowers bloom ,
Shower them with love rather lovely words ,
You will see them blooming with happiness ,
A depiction of happiness with sunny smile.


Always judging
Thoughts a buzzing
Stabbing them in the back
Deceptive, you’re off track
Using language to assign blame
Playing a dangerous game
Words can destroy a person
Speak good or say nothing.


Speak good or say nothing
Remember to put out the bin
There are power in your words
Don’t use them to hurt
Pick up cereal and bread
Never tell someone you wish they were dead
Remember to water your house plants
And don’t miss your chance
To be nice, they might die tomorrow
Then you’ll be filled with sorrow


so I’ve few met people
who have to say something or the other
why do they think their criticism is needed
everywhere, every time,
I wish to tell them to speak good, or say nothing
be the promoter of peace
or be the silent audience
be the volunteer for the poor
or hide in their shells
be the love everyone needs
from elder to young ones
speak good, or speak nothing

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