Book Release: Out of my BOX 2

With great pleasure we announce the book release of Out of my BOX 2, a resultant publication of the winning stories of our FemmeFluenza 2.0 contest.

Out of my BOX 2 is now available for purchase in the paperback format on Notionpress (India) and Amazon Worldwide and in the ebook format on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Paperback format of the book will be available within 2 days on and Flipkart India

Links to buy the paperback on

<strong>Amanda Schmidt (Jury)</strong>
Amanda Schmidt (Jury)

“While I have observed that 99% of the participation in most story writing contests held by WriteFluence is of women writers, WriteFluence began encouraging women writers with their exclusively-for-women-writers contest FemmeFluenza in March 2021. I feel proud to be a part of this initiative by WriteFluence to encourage aspiring women writers from across the globe. As always, I loved reading the story submissions. From every story I take a part which stays with me as a learning forever. After all good writers must be good readers.”

Out of my BOX 2 is a compilation of the winning short stories written by women writers, during the short-story contest FemmeFuenza 2.0, organized by WriteFluence. The book consists of 19 literary pieces written in different genres alongside the theme of celebrating womanhood and surviving through various challenges it brings along and were selected from 108 submissions that had been received from all over the world for the contest.


Aditi Neelakantan, Aneeta Sundararaj, Audrey James, Beth Rees, Bohumila Ottova, Dikshita Bharadwaz, Fiona M Campbell, Geetha Ranganathan, Ishani Majmundar, Kate Mole, Mary Heller, Michelle Bakker, Ramya V, Shivangi Kharbanda, Smita Das Jain, Thrimali Basnayake, Uma Fenton, Urmi Chakravorty and Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale

<strong>Aneeta Sundararaj</strong>
Aneeta Sundararaj

Aneeta Sundararaj trained as a lawyer and practised for five years before she decided to pursue her dream of writing. She also created and developed a website and called it ‘How to Tell a Great Story’. The aim remains to make it a resource for storytellers. Her writing has appeared in many magazines, ezines, and journals and, to date, she’s worked on some 13 book projects such as, My Cholesterol Journey, Knowledge of Life: Tales of an Ayurveda Practitioner in Malaysia, Ladoo Dog: Tales of a Sweet Dachshund, The Banana Leaf Men and Mad Heaven: Biography of Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr. M. Mahadevan.

Aneeta has contributed more than 280 feature articles to a national newspaper and is currently a contributor to Jericho Writers which is based in the UK.

Her most recent and bestselling novel, The Age of Smiling Secrets was shortlisted for the Anugerah Buku 2020 organized by the National Library of Malaysia. Incidentally, The Legend of Nagakanna (an edited version of Chapter 9 in this novel) is published in an anthology called We Mark Your Memory: Writings from the Descendants of Indenture, School of Advanced Study, University of London, in partnership with Commonwealth Writers, 2018. Meanwhile, Ammavasai (an edited version of Chapter 14 in this novel) is published in an anthology called Autumn Gales by The Alcove Publishers, 2020. Many of her short stories have been longlisted, shortlisted, and highly commended for several online competitions.

Throughout, Aneeta continued to pursue her academic interests and, in 2021, successfully completed a doctoral thesis entitled Management of Prosperity Among Artistes in Malaysia.

<strong>Urmi Chakravorty</strong>
Urmi Chakravorty

Urmi Chakravorty is a military spouse and former educator who has imbibed lasting life lessons from both her roles. A hands-on mom and avid reader, she has recently forayed into the expansive domain of freelance writing and editing. Besides, as a guest contributor, her discerning articles, stories, and poems have found space in The Hindu, The Times of India, and several web platforms. Many of her short stories have won accolades on prestigious writing platforms. She has also co-authored a few prose and poetry anthologies. She is the proud recipient of the Orange Flower Awards, 2022, instituted by Women’s Web, for writing on LGBTQIA issues.

Urmi believes that writing provides calm to her inner cacophony. A self-confessed optimist, she cherishes the beauty of solitude and makes the best use of the creativity it generates. She believes that effective, purposeful writing can create small ripples of change that can, eventually, bring about waves of positive transformation in society. More often than not, her pieces reflect her credo and enclose a slice of her soul.

Besides being engaged in the daily domestic hustle and her writing pursuits, Urmi can be found playing mommy to some 10-12 street fur babies in her neighborhood.

<strong>Ramya V</strong>
Ramya V

Ramya V is an IT professional who delves into the world of books. A voracious reader who believes the pen is mightier to bring about a change. She dedicates her time to write stories and poems in English and Tamil. She picks her pen to write when she stumbles upon any social incident that she feels need an attention. Writing fiction inspired by real-life incidents tops her list.
In 2018, she won the event ‘Which quote of Mahatma Gandhi changed your heart’ hosted by Gandhi World Foundation. She has contributed and won as a co-author to more than twenty-five anthologies in prose and poetry. Her works are regularly published on online sites such as Women’s Web and Women’s Web Tamil. She is also a recipient of the Literoma Author Achiever Award 2021. Her stories have bagged a place in the top ten list of the ‘Annual Micro Fiction 2021’ contest hosted by Half Baked Beans under categories Horror and Erotica. She received a certification of appreciation for her poem in the Annual Wordsmith Award 2021 hosted by Asian Literary Society. She is also the editor of the poetry anthology ‘Anklets in my Hands’ from LetsMakeStoriesDino, a story writing community. She received the ‘Author of 2021’ award from Author Pages for her debut book in 2021.

<strong>Michelle Bakker</strong>
Michelle Bakker

Michelle is a psychologist from the Netherlands. She works with people with mental diseases. She helps them with everyday life struggles. She has been trying to get pregnant for a long time. It hasn’t been easy for her. She has dealt with a lot of heartships. Luckily, she’s always able to see the upside of life. She enjoys traveling, gardening and writing.

<strong>Shivangi Kharbanda</strong>
Shivangi Kharbanda

Raised and residing in Kolkata, Shivangi Kharbanda is an aspiring writer and poet. She’s a medico and her first short story, The Song of The Little Thrush, also got published in a book named Cloud 9 which is a collection of short stories from writers all over the world. She’s an avid reader, a complete cinephile, and a content writer for an Instagram page named Wee Writers.

<strong>Audrey James</strong>
Audrey James

Audrey is an up-and-coming writer who is testing the waters to see where the current pulls her. Born and raised in Virginia, Audrey now resides in sunny Florida, but her home roots are where she draws inspiration. She primarily writes horror and thrillers, drawing inspiration from her own anxieties and fears with a focus on female and LGBTQ+ characters. Her goal is to create a larger focus on LGBTQ+ stories and authors with her own writing.
When Audrey is not writing, she’s spending time with her two cats, catching up on her reading, cooking, or working on her new home. She loves music and is a bit of a movie-holic, with an ever-expanding collection of DVDs. On Sundays you can find her curled up on the couch with both cats, writing on her tablet while a new movie plays in the background.

<strong>Fiona Campbell</strong>
Fiona Campbell

Fiona Campbell is a single mother of three living in Aberdeen, Scotland. When diagnosed with MS, she gave up teaching music to follow her writing dream. She passed her Masters degree in creative writing with merit. Fiona enjoys writing short stories, flash fiction, and poetry and has had a number of pieces published in anthologies. Her first novel ’Trust your instincts‘ is on submission and she is working on her second, ’MSunderstood’. She enjoyed reading a chapter of her debut novel at the Granite Noir Crime Writing Festival.

<strong>Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale</strong>
Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale

An optimist to the core, Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale always sees the glass half full. She firmly believes in the saying, ‘Hope is the most exciting thing there is in life’.
An alumna of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (Journalism), New Delhi, she is a freelance journalist, a poet, and a writer. Her poems and stories have been published on various online platforms and she has won many certificates for the same.
She is a regular contributor for both The Impish Lass Publishing House and Inkfeathers Publications and her stories have been published in fifteen of their anthologies. She is also a freelance editor and has successfully conceptualized and co-edited an anthology for ILPH ‘Women vs We Men’ and ‘Second Innings’ and one for Inkfeathers Publishing ‘Marital Games’. She is presently conceptualizing and editing two more anthologies.

Her Story ‘Bittersweet Chocolate’ was ranked third in an exclusively for-women-writers contest, held by Writefluence in 2020, and was published in the book ‘Out of my BOX’, available on Amazon, in paperback and eBook editions. She has also won in the contests High Five and Sonnetto held by Writefluence for poets. Her winning poems have been published in their books of poems, Tickled Pink and Standstill. She has also won in story writing contests and has been featured in their books, Mrs. Rosewood, Rubble House, and A Lie on Her Lips.
Her co-authored coffee table book on poems, Poets and Poems-Echoes has been published recently to rave reviews.
Her stories, Menage-A-Trois and Raison D’Etre have won a medal and a certificate each in the third prize category in the Asian Literary Society’s Annual Wordsmith Award, 2021, Short Story contest.

<strong>Uma Fenton</strong>
Uma Fenton

Uma Fenton is a native of Andhra Pradesh. She is a published author and poet in different anthologies. She grew up in Durgapur, a well-planned city in West Bengal. It is from this place that her interest in art and literature began and developed. She has always been able to express herself better through writing. She is a graduate in engineering and has a Master’s degree in Theological studies. Uma has received formal training in martial arts and believes in fitness. She’s also the founder of Hearts and Hands Foundation: A Social Welfare Trust working towards the welfare of the underprivileged.
She currently resides in the city of Hyderabad, with her husband and two children and works as a freelance writer. Besides writing, she enjoys reading and watching football. You can drop her a mail at or follow her on Instagram @umafenton.

<strong>Mary Heller</strong>
Mary Heller

Mary Heller is a cataloger in her local library in suburban New Jersey. For pay, she has been a programmer, a photo colorist, a medical records clerk, a teacher of COBOL, and more. For fun, she has written fiction and poetry; she has painted in oils and watercolors; she has done yoga and tai chi; she has thrown pots on a wheel; she has sung classical and modern music with local community choirs; and she continues to slowly (very slowly) make progress on her guitar.
Heller has shared living quarters with cats and, not simultaneously, with iguanas. She loves her husband, her brothers and sisters, her far-flung friends, and her two fabulous daughters. She can get along in Spanish and French, and wishes her German were better. She is still outraged that in past centuries, thousands of women, and some men, were hideously murdered, by fire and other means, for the non-existent crime of witchcraft.

Aditi Neelakantan
Aditi Neelakantan

Aditi is a doctor from Bangalore with a penchant for all things English. She zealously believes that a good writer always reads first. She discovered her love for books through Enid Blyton and reading soon became her favourite pastime, so much that her first tattoo is inspired by Harry Potter. This is one of her first attempts as an adult to dabble in the art of storytelling.
Aditi loves to travel and believes that the best education comes from stepping out of her comfort zone (literally). She loves learning new things and is currently trying to master the American sign language. She enjoys volunteering and hiking on the weekends. She’s also guilty of drinking too much coffee in her free time. She’s an ardent fan of the old adage, ‘Perfect is the enemy of the good’. She currently works as a medical writer.

Smita Das Jain
Smita Das Jain

Smita Das Jain is the author of ‘A Slice Of Life: Every Person Has A Story’ and ‘The Lost Identity.’ She is a writer by passion and writes every day. Samples of her writing are visible in the surroundings around her- her home office, her sunny terrace garden, her husband’s car, and the kitchen napkins. Her award-winning short stories have been published or are forthcoming on The Auroras & Blossoms 2021 Anthology, Women’s Web 2022 Anthology, Penmancy, StoryMirror 2022 Anthology, Twist and Twain, and The WriteFluence 2022 Anthology. She was shortlisted for The Orange Flower Awards, 2022 for her short fiction and has been featured on The Pioneer, The Daily Guardian, Zee News, and The Authority Magazine, a Medium Publication. Smita was also named one of the Top 50 most influential authors of 2021 by Delhi Wire.
In another world, when she is not writing, Smita is a Personal Empowerment Life Coach and Executive Coach, enabling busy professionals unhappy in their jobs to find time to transform their passions into pursuits so that they work because they want to, not because they have to. In her previous life, she was a Strategy professional with more than fourteen years of experience working in leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies like KPMG, JLL, and United Technologies Corporation. She is an IIM Indore and SRCC alumna and holds a diploma from Columbia Business School. Smita lives with her rockstar husband and her adorable twelve-year-old daughter at their home in Gurugram, India.

Beth Rees
Beth Rees

Beth is a purple-haired writer and blogger from the UK. She talks about her mental health misdiagnosis and how, after 34 years, she has been diagnosed as autistic with ADHD. As a woman diagnosed later in life with these neurodevelopmental conditions, Beth is passionate about sharing her story to show that there is a gender gap in the autism and ADHD diagnostic criteria which are both heavily weighted towards males. If females don’t fit, they don’t receive a diagnosis and she feels this isn’t fair.

In her spare time, Beth is writing her first book; a memoir about her experiences of mental health misdiagnosis and finally being diagnosed correctly. She also talks about her experiences on her Instagram page, raising awareness and making people feel they are not alone in their journeys.

Bohumila Ottova
Bohumila Ottova

Bohumila Ottova is writing poems since her teen years and has always considered herself to be a poet, incapable of writing a story. That has changed when she spotted a poster for a short story competition and decided to give it a go. She submitted her story that she had finished writing only a few minutes before the end of the deadline. To her great surprise, she was a runner-up and her story was published. Since that decisive moment in 2015, she fell head over heels in love with short stories. Four of them have been published, so she feels encouraged.
Now, she has over thirty stories ready and many others in progress. Her stories will make you travel to different countries, in different centuries. They may be from the point of view of a child, a soldier, an elderly woman, or even an owl. They are funny, sweet, tender, ironic, rough, dark, troublesome, just as humans are. Don’t think a moment that some traits are exaggerated, because even if the stories are invented, they always contain some elements of truth be it in the way of being of the characters, the customs, what is expected of some and how they manage (or not) to deal with it. Bohumila’s stories are mirrors of some people’s souls and she truly hopes that you will enjoy reading them.

Dikshita Bharadwaz
Dikshita Bharadwaz

Born and brought up in the laps of Assam, Dikshita Bharadwaz is a 17-year old teenager. She was raised in a close-knit family of four and has been the most pampered one in the house. Mischievous as a child, Dikshita always took great interest in nature and the people around her. But, in a family of non-writers, nobody could have guessed that this interest would very soon turn into fuel for her writing furnace. She developed her love for writing at a very young age and has maintained it since then. She loves to write poems, short stories and aspires to become a novelist in the future. Apart from writing, reading and traveling have always been among her other interests. Known, among her friends and family, for her ability to put every situation into words, she has made numerous failed attempts to enter the writing world through various social media platforms. However, in 2021 she finally made her breakthrough and has published her work in 3 anthologies and 2 magazines.

Dikshita has a very lively personality and penning down her thoughts on a piece of paper has always been her favorite past-time activity. She likes to call herself a writer by heart as she believes that her works are a true expression of who she is. Being an ambivert, she believes that her words give her a way to express her deepest feelings and emotions without poking her overthinking monsters.

Ishani Majmundar
Ishani Majmundar

Ishani Majmundar is a writer by passion and a Software Developer by profession. She is a mother to a toddler son. Her keen interests include reading, writing, art, and craft. She is a true Libran who loves harmony and peace in life. She loves to write poems and quotes. Her love for rhyming words reflects in her writings. She pens down her thoughts whenever she gets some free time. She is an active blogger on the platform – Momspresso. It was during her maternity break that she could discover her passion for writing. She makes sure to write inspiring words. If she could inspire anyone through her writing then she would be the happiest person.

Kate Mole
Kate Mole

Kate Mole lives in the rural town of St Just, in remote west Cornwall. Her career started in London libraries, including the British Academy, King’s College, and the Naval and Military Club. She has also worked in academic publishing as Assistant Editor of Index to Theses, a research journal. She has two degrees in history and a diploma in Information Science. She has two children, one now living in New Zealand and the other in the north of England. In 2011 she and her husband relocated and now she concentrates on her writing career: she has completed four full-length novels and is working on a fifth plus a novella. She has also written over 80 short stories, some of them forming a chronological sequence from pre-history to the present and even the future; another set of stories is set in London clubs (the old-fashioned sort). She appears regularly at local events to read selections of these out to enthusiastic audiences. In 2014 she recovered successfully from two life-threatening illnesses, which gave her a slightly different perspective on life. Her work usually centers upon the beautiful but rugged area of west Cornwall, and is concerned (among other things) with the impact that the past has upon the present. She runs two reading groups in St Just, and sings in several classical choirs.

<strong>Geetha Ranganathan</strong>
Geetha Ranganathan

Geetha Ranganathan is a Chartered Accountant, a Company Secretary, a Diplomate in IFRS, (ACCA, U. K), and a Commerce Graduate. She is an auditor who works at a Big 4 audit firm in Chennai, India, and an author by passion.
Most recently, she earned the status of an author by writing a book on self-help: Be Your Own Torchlight, Travelogue from Aspiration to Achievement. She further contributed to anthology series named after Nightingales 2.0, Nightingales 3. 0, Women and Delusions (2021) & Flying High 2.0 (2022)
She started her career in writing, as a team member in the book ‘Who are India’s Top Auditors and How much do they charge’. The glimpse of her name in the book inspired her to write more. To quote, writing short stories, reviewing a book, blogging, article drafting, and poem writing are a few forms of her work.
She has been awarded the Tagore Literary Commemorative 2021 and Sahityakosh Samman 2021 by Ne8x for her book, Be Your Own Torchlight. Also, she has been awarded the Best Indian Author 2021 by Critic Space Journals and Indian Awaz Foundation.
During early 2020, her passion for writing creative stories surged during lockdown times. She secured 1st place for her short story, ‘Zoomophobic’. She secured 5th place at a national level for her short story, ‘Hope’. Her story about ‘when nature will forgive mankind?’ got published at under ’stories to connect us’. During late 2020, an article on the industries impacted by the COVID-19, co-authored by her got published in a chartered accountant journal. Her articles on Mental health awareness are continuously published by Your Spiritual Revolution Magazine.
At present, she lives in Chennai, India with her family and loves traveling to places of historical importance.

<strong>Thrimali Chamodika Basnayake</strong>
Thrimali Chamodika Basnayake

Thrimali Chamodika Basnayake is a Sri Lankan. She was born in the 1980s. She is an environment-friendly, nature lover, who is interested in nature photography. She always prefers reading books and writing, as a habit from childhood. Reading is not just her hobby, but also her passion. The passion which made her dream come true, as she followed it peacefully to make it a fruitful reality by writing.
Thrimali is an instructor in the English Language, for more than ten years, both in schools and universities.
Thrimali is an organized professional with proven teaching, guidance, and counseling skills, and skilled at communicating information effectively. She works in an institute that offers opportunity for career progression.

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