Solace? What cannot be found in city-life!

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I’ve had enough of the city life,
it’s hubbub has started to vex me,
I’ll seek solace in the countryside,
that’s where I’ll take my belongings and flee.
I’ll get a cottage with a white picket fence, surrounded by woods full of pine trees,
I’ll sit on my porch and watch the sunset,
while sipping coffee in the evening breeze.
I’ll wake up with the chirping of birds,
and sleep to a cicada symphony,
I might earn less, but I’ll dwell in peace,
isn’t that more important than money?


In the eye of the storm
I find my solace,
in the sanctuary of my soul
I sanctify my thoughts and feelings,
Cleansing them of darkness and fear,
And place them,
as perfumed candles to light my temple and smooth my crumpled peace.
My holy place,
my continuum of solace, here and now.


My bockety heart,
couldn’t find you anywhere.
Yearnings knew no bounds.
Just wanted you around.
I solaced,
knowing that you were out there somewhere.
Somewhere you were trying to get over me.
Somewhere you were endeavoring to terminate our destiny.
Forgive me.
I don’t remember if we existed.
Whether I ever looked for you.
To get rid of you, I love you harder.
I want you more, so that I could need you less.
My heart knew we were not meant to be, my heart solaced.


Come to me, will you?
In the silence of the abandoned dew
I shall be waiting curled up in the corner.
Would you mind moving the clouds a bit?
Want to feel the warmth of the sun among the ripened wheat.
The floor’s too hard and cold.
Just come to me in the dead of the night
When the moon and stars are out of sight
They left me alone too…
So just come to me, will you?


How does one give solace
To the grief stricken
With our silent presence
Or uttering
words of consolation
that sound clichéd.
Either way it works
As it’s the gesture
That matters


I seek solace in the wilderness
The crunch of leaves beneath my feet instantly calms me
The call of the forest is subtle yet powerful
I see wildflowers growing in abundance
The purple colour leaving visual imprints on my memory
I hug a tree, an old Oak
It feels awkward at first but then I am steadied by centuries of growth and resilience
This feeling fills me with strength, immeasurable strength
I feel powerful
I look up at the deep blue sky
I am mesmerised by its boundless glory
I feel like I have the freedom to transcend boundaries
And at the same time I come away with a reinforced realisation that
I am merely a small part of this vast whole


Sleep my child, sleep without care,
I am here to keep you happy and safe!
Your innocence and unconditional trust gives me much solace,
As faith and naïveté reflect unequivocally from your tender face!
You and I have lots to travel,
Together we have life’s mysteries to unravel.
My journey as a father is just a few days old,
You will teach me unconditional love, I am told!
I pray that I justify the belief you will have in me,
And I make you proud as a father is my heartfelt plea!
I hope that I will be a role model worthy of you as you grow,
When you dazzle the world by your incandescent glow!


Staying lonely can be therapeutic
Once you recognize its power
Laudable company
Admiration for oneself
Creates self confidence
Empathetic attribute that leads to serendipity.


Solace, something that every heart yearns
Some get it from solitude, 
Some in the presence of close ones. 
Some get it from the paper friends, 
And some from actual friends. 
Solace, helps us find ourselves, 
From the depth of our souls. 
Solace, something that every heart yearns.


What better place to find solace
Than one’s own self, one’s own soul
Forgive your sins, accept your mistakes,
Love yourself, do whatever it takes
To allow your wounds on the inside to heal
The ones on the outside are so easy to heal
It is only solace that soothes every heartache
May the world find the panacea to all ache !


Between explosions of sound and fire-
Between the anger of the mountains,
And the sea’s ire,
There is a space- A moment,
To stand back and admire
Silence in one’s heart
And stillness of one’s mind
To find peace and solace
Bowing in humble gratitude!


Unwinding in a nook
With a book
And a bowl of wafers with a mug of piping hot coffee
Brings back my misplaced glee
Solace is some “ME TIME”
Why is asking for it a crime?
Books are amigos that transport me to a different zone
It feels so good when I am sans my phone
In the company of books, I feel complete and contented
And surely my knowledge gets augmented


Hope woven in curves from her only son’s pen
Written on a mere pale unassuming card
In indigo, aqua, charcoal hues
Fresh lease of life these words impart
With each new postcard all melancholy things,
Slid away as raindrops from sparrow’s wings,
From lands where loud bangs fill the air
And with angry fires sky is ablaze
From those warfronts, from clutches of death
Letters of his being alive- are her sole solace.


You know people
Who show you the silver lining
No matter how overcast ?
She is one of those,
A friend, too close.
A lady,
Lovable and alot pretty,
Whose calmness can give you solace,
Who, in times of resentment, showed me traces.

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