A Reward for Honesty by Santhini Govindan

Santhini’s story ‘A Reward for Honesty’ was selected as a winning title of the WriteFluence Singles contest, March 2022. Judged by respected jury members Kaumudi Amrute and Arvind Solanki, the author was commended for the plot of the story, and their writing style.

About the book:

This story is about a dilemma that many ordinary people, who live from hand to mouth, face in their daily lives. Why should they have so little, and have to struggle to put together a few rupees just to meet essential expenses, when others so freely splurge out on luxuries? This dilemma is as old as time itself, and Nalini’s thoughts and actions are a reflection of real life in India where there is a vast chasm between the haves and the have nots.

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