World Poetry Day Contest Winners

To celebrate the occasion of World Poetry Day, on March 21, 2022, we organized a poetry writing contest and received some lovely poems written on the prompt ‘POETRY‘ in 12 lines.

Let’s celebrate the winners now!

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Poetic Release

A poem is a work of art,
It cascades like a waterfall from a poet’s heart.
A poem dissolves you in its mystery,
It lays bare a poet’s curtained history.
A poem draws out a poet’s raw emotion,
Words tumble out in seething cathartic potion.
A poem gut wrenchingly opens the floodgates,
It washes the rancid off the poet’s plate.
A poem has surely played its part,
When calm prevails and a poet can make a fresh start.
A poem and a poet are tied together with an umbilical cord,
One without the other cannot exist on its own accord.

By Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale

(1st place – Trophy Winner)

A pleasing sight to observe the orange-pink filled sky
As it turns interesting to view the flock of birds so high.
And I watch closer, they create beautiful formations
This dazzling display, oh, they are termed murmurations…
Impossible to clarify, this stands as nature’s miraculous theory,
Behold! Now I did find an answer to my long-pending query.
Letters gather themselves into words forming the lines,
Carrying hidden emotions, they weigh heavy in many kinds.
Bold and brave, they stand when assembled together…
Spreading the feeling of contentment as a breezy weather.
Never can its phenomenon be understood through biometry
Magical? oh it is, coz that is the power of poetry.

By Ramya V

My life was so much better without you
I glared at those words I scribbled, though they did seem true
Why did I pen these emotions, these feelings I wrote so silently
Sometimes its better the heart said, to think privately
Poetry, OH Poetry you make me reflect on all the unsaid words
Beyond these lines, the emotions explore like immigrant birds
I drew a line and agreed not to go any further
But the words fought with me and said we do matter
I see all your hopes, dreams and desires
The poems gives strength and are a fuel to your fire
From that day I turn inward, a promise of a fresh beginning
Self love these words taught me, said the journey of a poet one morning.

By Nisha Serai

It rained heavily when I perceived I am standing alone under the dark sky,
And I saw autumn turn into winter in the midst of my cry;
I saw my days shattering, making my nights prolonged,
Because he instantly became the person who I forever longed;
Then I saw my life in more deranged disorder,
Making me realize my soul is lurking in a corner;
The anxiety of my nightmares made me have persecutory delusions,
I became helpless whilst slipping into my seclusions;
But the shadow of dark skies started hiding under a roof,
When I penned my pain in my poetry with words that I choose;
I found eternal peace through my pen,
Disembarking my sadness and making me live my life again!

By Charu Gandhi

Being the one who’s shy,
Under the blue sky,
feelings are snafu,
Poetry is what comes to rescue.
World where words dance to a tune,
In the light of the moon,
Its rage, its anger, its love, its sorrow or just pure fun,
Poetry is a pure bliss under the sun.
Write or recite it never lets you down,
For it always makes one confound,
Easy as it may sound,
Poetry is something that you cannot mess around.

By Vini Kunhappan

On dark days,
when my eyes are clouded and
only screams run through my veins,
I find poetry watering my feet.
Like waves, poems wash away
those treasured sins,
I tuck away in my sweaty hands,
it hurls me into the sea,
salt choking my mouth,
yet tenderly it sings,
“You are a sailor, love.”
and I ink the paper and sail past.

By Debangana Das

Amidst the lush green landscape,
Sitting in tranquility with my good thoughts and meditative mind,
The cool breeze rekindles the poet in me,
In the underwater marine life,
With octopus I witness the eight arms of poetry,
In the woods where I find solace,
With soft music tuned on my headphones,
Comes the subtle poetry in all its beauty,
When the sun rises and sets,
The poetry comes in effect,
O dear! Tell me when you sleep ?
You are awake all days, every night and all seasons you are bright!

By Sakshi Phutela

On this occasion of World Poetry Day
There are a few things I would love to say
Poetry is not always only about words
Listen deeply and you’ll find it even in the chirps of birds
May it be in the moments when you are happy or sad
If you can express on pen and paper you should be glad
It is a mode through which you can inspire
Words will flow on their own as, within you, you ignite the fire
From being a tool for rebuilding broken bonds to commencing new ones
It is something whereby you’ll always find a chance
Like alphabets put together to make words and words aligned together make poetry
These unspoken words will always bring peace and make your mind free…

By Nidhi Govind Raut Dessai

And here’s one from our Creative Head:

I wrote a small poem for him
And he thought those
were all the feelings I had
For him
He chose to see what he could
And I failed to let him fathom
The depth of the waters within
So a period followed,
Striking through the ellipsis
that had kept the verses free
So I left it there, the poem
As small as it seemed.

By Sneha Acharekar

Here’s where you can read some of our best published poems!

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participants. Look out for our other ongoing contests here.

***All winners will be sent their e-certificates within 48 hours on their email id used to register for the contest. Trophy winner will receive the trophy within 5-7 working days.

Happy WriteFluencing!

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