Soul Sisters

Do they exist?

Read on!

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It was long ago, it was yesterday.
Time seems to have played a trick on my mind.
Was it only yesterday that we met?
I feel like I know you, perhaps from a different era, another life.

A connection so deep that it’s sometimes unnerving,
An instant bond between two kindred souls.
Our existence is much like
twin stars;
Elusive yet shining so bright
And together we’ve learnt how to brave the night.


We stay miles apart
But are forever connected by heart
Neither do we share DNA nor blood red
But you are the one who is aware of what is going on in my head
My soul sister, you are the best in the world
In front of you, all my real emotions are unfurled
You love me as if I am your child
Calm my frayed nerves, when I am wild
From you, there is nothing concealed
Constantly, from difficulties you shield
Sister, you are a blessing from above
On you, forever I will shower love


I often pondered if angels existed?
Angels who would swish their magic wands,
Just to relinquish all my worries,
and bless me till infinity and beyond.
And then one fine day,
to my utter surprise,
I met a girl who shared the same vibe as mine,
she indeed was my angel in disguise.
And so we promised that we will always stand by each other,
and have each other’s back through every strife,
After all we are soul sisters,
who are meant to be together for life.


Galaxies Apart

She remembers still, though now so far,
As far as the meteoroid can travel,
after orbiting her sun, day and night.
Feeling oneness, still with her love,
though they are galaxies apart.
There remains a black-hole, existing in her heart,
Transcending time and space,
Where she is still united with her Soul Sister.


Blossoming love
Caressing warmth
When hearts connect

No tear stained cheeks
Only laughter bells
When Soul Sisters unite

Embracing with unconditional support
Deepening bonds whilst sharing sorrows
Distance never a deterrent when souls twine


Sometimes, an unknown that comes into your life
Changes things for good, makes you feel at home
Cheers you up when you’re down
Laughs with you till your stomach hurts
Understands your unsaid words
Eyes can see straight to read your mind
Mere a presence nourishes your ravished heart
Anchors your growth like magic in disguised
A shield on your difficulties
The cool shower in a summer noon
Soul Sister, a blessing from heaven
Though so far but connected to soul forever…

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