I’m Different, Not Less

April is Autism Awareness month!

Autism is a complex, lifelong developmental disability that typically appears during early childhood and can impact a person’s social skills, communication, relationships, and self-regulation. Autism is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is a “spectrum condition” that affects people differently and to varying degrees.

While there is currently no known single cause of autism, early diagnosis helps a person receive the support and services that they need, which can lead to a quality life filled with opportunity.

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They say my brain is different
That I am somehow special
Rock rock rock rock
I love routine and structure
The beauty of puzzles enamors me
Rock rock rock rock
I’m not the best at making new friends
Everything I own must be orange
Rock rock rock rock
“What’s your favorite food then?
I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know

Rock rock rock rock
Rock rock rock rock


I am a son of my parents and so is my brother;
But unlike him,I am a destiny’s child born to my mother.
I owe my life to my parents and see them live for me;
Even as I wish that I could cut the umbilical cord and set them free.
I feel the love and devotion increase in them manifold,
As they shield me from the cruel jibes and sorrows untold;
When they see me struggle every day with my diminishing motor skills,
They gently guide towards self-reliance but also protect me from the oncoming chills.
Yes, I am different,not less;
With them as my parents, I am truly blessed;
They taught me to stop on the way to smell the flowers,
To achieve the impossible and believe in one’s power!


I prefer the soothing darkness, bright lights I find jarring,
please turn the music down, raucous sounds daunt me.
Mommy knows I’m different, teachers say that too,
people mock and snigger, don’t you think that haunts me?
I get stressed easily, anxiety is my constant companion,
I want to convey something, but I don’t know how.
I have feelings and my heart beats just like yours,
I want to make friends, but my brain doesn’t allow.
I’m smart in my own way, I have an impeccable memory,
I possess certain talents, I’m against any artifice, I’m not crazy, I’m just different than you are,
don’t assume I’m lesser than you, I’ll tell you this.


Allow me to grow at my own pace
With your inclusivity, my uniqueness I can embrace
For I’m different, not less
Naahh.. everything I do ain’t a mess
Albeit delayed, but I can do it all
Displaying sheer resoluteness, I stand tall
Hideous judgements mar my confidence
All I need is a morsel of compassionate guidance
With your support, even I can soar high
Please do not let my dreams die.


I may be a daisy in a garden of dandelions,
but I’m not less to any other flowers.
I can still bloom, just like others.
I can still spark beauty, just like others.
I can still be a gift to someone’s love, just like others.

If one were to stumble upon a garden with diverse flowers,
one’s eyes would shout ‘beauteous’
Just like me, my difference is what makes the diversity more heavenly.

My difference does not make me any less,
for my own difference could make a difference in someone’s life.


I look at you for a bit and then I look away
But in that moment I pay more attention to you than the world any day
So here is a thing I do not think to say but must confess
Just look at me I am different, not less.
I speak a lot or I speak nothing
Chaos will mean I am anxious and fussing
So stubborn at times, to your frustration, never budging
But really just another person in distress, please just look at me I am different, not less.
Just a human and a wilful child,
At times running amok and wild
Sometimes find it difficult to have myself clearly express
I may seem to lack your civility and finesse, but honestly please look at me I am different, not less.


For autism awareness month
I am different not less
Many a times I am unable to interact and be expressive
Many a times I may ne unable to comprehend with the society
Many a times my learning and yearning may be slow and not up to the mark
Nevertheless I am not less ,I may differ in aptitude and attributes
But still I am special on my own
The amount of innocence and affection I portray , the selflessness I show in my attitude
It marks me much more as long as emotions are concerned
Thus in one way or the other I stand profoundly stating this statement truthfully, I am different not less.

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Let’s normalize Autism?
Abnormal, bizzare, peculiar,
are all the names I am called;
The question – “Are you autistic?”
makes me feel quite appalled.
I wrestle with the stares,
and all the other things that seem inevitable;
So can you please cease this behavior,
because this makes me too uncomfortable.
I might seem uncanny to the world,
but in reality, I am sharp and smart;
I am just differently blessed by God,
So can you accept my destiny and not set me apart.
At the end of the day, it’s my disability,
and not a fault or a mess;
So please support my flaws,
Afterall, I am different, not less.


I am different, not less
Is it so complex to guess?
We all are blessed with distinct traits
I may not have the same benchmarks as yours
But can’t we catch up if you slow down your pace?
even so, a little late..
For, ultimately, we all realise life is no race
Rather it is a collection of several such tales
Where a shift in human perspective has brought a remarkable change
Let me be part of your game without any element of shame
For my differences are to be cherished as a picture of two diverse personalities
in the same frame!


I am different, not less
The way I express,
Is not like you
I am among the few
Who takes the time to understand and adapt
But, am not handicapped
Why do you call me a stigma?
I would appreciate it if you think of me as an enigma
All I crave for inclusion
Not jibes and exclusion
Like you all, I, too am God’s creation
Bestow love and not frustration


I’m different, not less,
Yes, I have a different set of likings and fondness.
I like to mingle around with everyone,
But most of the time I fear being turned down.
I like to stay silent and as an introvert,
That is because of the unknown emotions my mind exerts.
I can also succeed, soar higher, my dreams I can achieve,
Then why not be accepted, embraced, and made inclusive?


I am different not less, I don’t fit into boxes. I don’t adhere to definitions of ‘normal’. I am the princess who dazzles bright through dark alleys. I don’t need your validation! Who decides what is ‘less’ in a world filled with falsity? Don’t look at me through the prism of judgements. Look at me with a smile. I am no less human than you. I am differently abled , perhaps more enduring than you!


I’m different, not less.
I’m unique, I confess.

I’m slow, I take more time to do everything.
Like you I can’t communicate, express, dance and sing.

I might have trouble with understanding and learning.
However, I might do especially well on tests of analysis or problem-solving.

Don’t judge me, don’t criticize me.
Treat me normal, that’s my heartfelt plea.


You accept me with love, when others denied,
You listen to me more, when others unheard,
You simplify my complexes, when others confused,
You understand my language, when others can’t,
You prefer to be with me, when others left alone,
You assures me my worth, when others find useless,
You know I am unique, when others pretend me difficult,
Thank you mom to let me breathe in the world of my own norms.

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Smeared mascara,
I’m besmirching to let you see.
Why? Why, when my cheeks are crimson,
you never notice me?
I’m putting on makeup,
not to hide my tears.
I’m putting on glosses,
for my smile could,
facilely disappear.
And you would notice,
but my mislaid smile.
Beneath the portiere,
I was left fragile.
Did you know?
My kajal,
dripping in delicacy,
calling for us, behind.
I ridicule my makeup,
to be 24×7,
on your mind.


For few moments let’s dry the eyes,
place some liner over the waterlines,
Add few invisible mascara strokes,
On the curly lashes who pokes,
Put some light dark smoky shades,
To cover the eye lids with grace,
They talk more than the glossy lips,
Beautiful eyes can see the beautiful things.

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