George and The Dragon by Linda Hibbin

Linda’s story George and The Dragon, was selected as a winning title of the WriteFluence Singles contest, March 2022; judged by our respected jury member Palash Basak.

About the book:

The feathers fly when George, a truculent turkey, is introduced into a family dominated by a matriarchal mother. A battle of wills commences, and a series of comical events unfold in the months leading up to Christmas. Teenager, Martha, and her six-year-old brother develop a strong bond with the bird. Fred, Martha’s father, a man of few words, finds ways of asserting himself at his wife’s expense with hilarious results. Mrs. Cratchit, the nosey neighbour, with bosoms bouncing like baseballs in a sack, hopes Fred will seek the love he deserves, and does not appear to be getting, in her plump arms. The story of George and the Dragon is loosely based on the author’s childhood experience in 1950’s Britain and will entertain every generation.

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