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Far away, across the sea
Lies a future
That seems a distant dream
Far away, across the sea
A voice beckons
To a world of peace
Far away, across the sea
I hope to reach
Battling the hate tides.
Far away, across the sea
Sings John Lennon
Pleading, for a world that’s religion free


Far away across the seas, autumn plays havoc with colours,
Through the rustling leaves the high winds murmur;
Colourful hues set the horizon ablaze,
The skyline is awash with departing sun rays.
The warm days mirror the feelings of our hearts,
Of love lost and when we against our wishes did part;
Your presence still wafts through the air,
The glowing embers till today simmer and flare.
Distance truly has made our hearts grow fonder,
Our love for each other has
not been easily squandered;
If not this fall, we will unite in the next,
Till then , the universe will conspire to remind us of each other by some or the other pretext.


Far away across the sea
Lies the big golden tree
It’s shade so cool and never ever dark
Fruits so luscious, it’s shiny copper bark
None’s ever been to that side
Only dreams sail across in the dead of the night
And so sure, I know in my mind
It’s magic is powerful, the healing kind
Yet why do the whales keep whispering to me
It’s all in my mind, the islands are all the same green?


Faraway across the wild sea,
There is a land that’s lost to me.
There was a time I called her home.
Until with the wind I was blown.

Twenty long years I’ve been away.
Though she still calls to me in the rain.
I see in her in my children’s eyes.
As night falls my heart for her cries.

To smell once more her sweet fragrance.
Swallowed by her easy cadence.
One day we’ll meet again dear friend.
And raise a glass to my journey’s end.


Far away across the sea,
I envision a land full of glee.
Where the warmth of sunrays can melt sorrows
And a cool breeze is enough to blow away all the shadows.
Where trees twist in rage to shield from any cruelty
And wild flowers bloom uninhibited redefining conventional beauty.
On this land a castle of dreams I wish to build,
With hope, faith and courage tightly instilled.
If then comes thunderstorm or howling gales,
I know it will stand tall to tell it’s tales.
Not far away across the sea,
But such a land resides right within me!


Far away across the sea,
A golden dawn beckons me,
I set sail to chase a distant dream,
The Utopia of my heart’s longing.

Tossing waves of ideologies on my path do rise,
Narrow-minded demonic sea monsters attack with fiery rage,
I fight with all my might,
To sail through the turbulent strife.

Far away across the sea,
A golden dawn beckons me,
With faith in my heart, I strive to reach,
The Utopia of my dreams.


Far away across the sea,
There exists another dimension pulling my thoughts & attention to it,
As I sit there admiring sea’s beauty leaving all my chores behind,
It starts to whisper the importance of hope & positivity.
Startled I am as I never told her about any of my hitches and dilemmas..
Yet it consoles and strengthens my belief in me.
I wonder how it knows about all my internal conflicts;
To it yet again it speaks to me : that’s the wonder of Mother Nature..
It’s miracle evades every logic and helps soothes one’s quandary,
For never could the mother fail to read the children’s perplexity..
It is then it dawned upon me that life is the total of our own caliber and capacity..
Then I, sang in chorus with the sea..
That far across you lies Hope & Postivity.


Far away across the sea,
I see,
A land where everyone is kind
Where one can freely speak their mind
Love here is about inclusion
And happiness is not an illusion
The cool breeze
Will alleviate the unease
And when it rains
Rinsed away are the lingering pains
Here I see optimism and hope
And the inhabitants give each other the strength to cope
Such a place would be an Elysium on earth


Faraway across the sea
Beyond the chaos, filled with peace
Away from the bustling city,
A paradise is there
Chasing butterflies with no fear
Sublime sceneries to state for long hour
Lieing underneath the endless sky
Counting shining stars
I can feel the sanctity of love
Embraced by the serenity


I wrote a song about loneliness and betrayal,
it resonated deeply with my pain,
I sealed it in a glass bottle and also
jotted the name of my town and lane.
At sunset I tossed it in the ocean,
and it floated far away across the sea,
I hoped someone would find my tragic note,
and would be the balm that would heal me.
‘That’s not how it works’, said my mater,
it’s up to you to change your song of sorrow,
and heal from within with inherent strength,
to build for yourself a better tomorrow.


Diamond mind,
Sparkles in your golden eyes
Makes me smile.
Your heaven is far away across the sea,
The one alas I can’t reach with my feet.
Loving you Endlessly,
Getting a single glimpse
Can brighten my cloudy sky
To sunshine.


It’s another day of chasing blissful teal blue waves,
As I see a polychromatic quill in a silver bottle,
Floating far across the sea along garnet ripples,
whilst the sun slowly embrace the golden horizon.
Perhaps, one day it will reach a poetic shore,
that can decipher a poets silent voice,
or maybe it’s another sign to welcome soul searching stars,
which enhance the magnificent moon in smoky quartz billows.


Far away across the sea  
Where silver horizon kiss the sea  
Where flipping mermaids dance in air  
Where singing sirens lure the sailors 
Waves after waves a song of sea  
Water murmuring water free 
Far away across the sea  
This is where I want to be.


Far away across the sea,
I had sailed through the waves of past,
And learnt a ancedote on the tidals,
Even though i had travelled through the shallow turquoise,
Deep blue pulchritudinous,
I had came across many catastrophe,
I had twisted from the storms,
And finally iam far away across the sea,
That is, Now I reached the shore,
The present beautiful life


Far away across the sea lies a vista of flamboyant days./ Where the rainbow hums merry dulcet tones/ Happiness runs unbridled there, dancing with the pearl white waves/ Far away across the sea lies a horizon of hopes/ where you can unwind before sailing through life’s wanton shores. / There the clouds brew you a cup of smile and the winds serve you a pallate of cherry dreams for breakfast.

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