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The lure of a far off place
Somewhere in ever land
Where the grass was greener, yes
But what about the sand, the sand?

I had forgotten that sand,
Slips through your fingers like dust,
Oh how could I’ve been so naïve
In thinking that iron does rust?

The pretty faces, those insincere smiles
The politically correct “I knows”
Can a wallflower ever become
A starlight in your shows?

I let out a deep sigh,
Is it regret or relief?
Now more than ever I do feel
It’s hope, aspiration, belief…


We meet people in life,
That carry a positive vibe.
They see the good we do and even applaud,
And lift us when life leaves us bogged.
I have found that people make instant connections,
With those who stay despite our imperfections!
And then we meet people in life,
That come with a belligerent vibe.
To all the good we do, they turn a blind eye,
But, God forbid we err, the critic in them comes alive!
Being with such people makes my heart lose its song,
And my soul screams, “this is not where I belong!”
Finding one’s tribe is an arduous journey,
For before we find light, we must wade through the murky.
And when we find our little coterie,
One finds calm even in the cacophony!


Not where I Belong
Hunger is a strange thing, especially when you are young as a child. You feel it quick and grumbling in your stomach. I opened the only available beer bottle from fridge and almost puked at the dank taste in my mouth. I threw the bottle.
I explored the kitchen for the tenth time in search of some food, and unsuccessful. Maybe my parents just forgot as they were tired.
My parents kept arguing all night, and all I could hear was ‘Moshi should have never been born.’



Not where I belong
My attributes ,my morals and my virtues
All transform my persona resulting in enhancement of my self esteem
God will always direct me to bloom wherever he will plant me
Not only where I tend to belong
Via my optimism I have the courage to transform the situations in my favour
Nevertheless I will never bound my strength into the comfort zone I prefer lying into
So that everyone looks upto my attributes and thus never count upon the details of my journey.


In our marriage I discovered to my dismay, we are never us two,
From day one, I knew there was something askew.
Late nights at office and incessant texting were my first clues,
But I knew I have to tread softly or he will blow his fuse.

Arranged matches have this one big flaw,
It lacks ‘marrying for love’ chutzpah.
I instinctively realise this is not where I belong,
This coupling for me is most definitely not lifelong.

The invisible third has done our union an irreparable harm,
The ‘looked -forward-to marital -bond ‘ has lost all its charm.
The dream to spend my life with a soul mate,
Will remain just that and unfortunately
never culminate.


The tall skyscrapers, 
And fast moving vehicles,
The eloquent English that drifted through, 
Oh! This is not where I belong, 
Wondered aloud, the naive little me. 
I wished to go back to the countryside, 
With greenery and calmness around, 
That pacify me at my outbursts, 
Oh! This is where I belong.


Hate speech is
All I can hear,
Places of worship
Become bones of contention,
Where has the Will
To live and let live disappeared?
This surely is
Not where I belong


He introduced me to the higher echelons of the society
And expected me to socialise with them
The fake camaraderie
And the pretence
Was obnoxious
I attempted to befriend many
And do small talk
I failed miserably
And came to a conclusion
That this is not where I belong


My heart isn’t meant to settle,
Here’s not where I belong…
For the time that’s slipped out of my hands
Sits aflutter on a hopeful wave ahead.
I calm a heart that waits for the bloom
While an autumn feels here to stay
The foliage, under every step crackles away
Like a fake friend on your smear campaign …
The night takes a toll on my wandering thoughts
The anxiousness, pins and needles within
And I push away my thoughts from this place
‘Cos I know here’s not where I belong


Big laughters, teary eyes, grinning cheeks, wrinkled faces, cold touches, some eager grabs, a few jealous hugs and some possessive holds,
A child enters the universe
Away from the warmth of the womb
To the strange big world, feeling
It’s Not where I belong!
But, here we are enjoying the
Happy smiles, proud eyes, meaningful touches and having a clan of our own.
Give, take and love to belong!


Heaven is
Not where I belong
Hell is
Not where I belong
I belong to
My world of dreams
I belong to the
Moments I feel free
I belong to the
Moments I feel happy


Not where I belong to I’m stuck in darkness
Going to ghastly times I suffered day and night
Searching for bright light I have to fight like a knight
To end this misery I thought of self discovery leaving my scars I walked on the path of glory to become a worthy.


Tears fall silently on the dusty track.
This is not where I belong but I can’t go back.
For there’s nothing to return to, just an empty shell.
When they brought the artillery, our whole world just fell.
Little boys in armour, rifles by their side.
They shout terror, but their fear they cannot hide.
That is when I realise, the stupidity of it all.
They are not where they belong but had to take the fall.
We are all just pawns in a greedy game.
On opposite sides of the track but treated the same.
When will they realise the error of their ways?
Why must we live and die beneath their violent gaze?


I had seen myself in the place,
Where I remembering you,
Where I begging you,
Where I broked my heart for your love.
I found myself in the heavenly prison,
Where I am waiting for u,
Where I am in vain.
And realizing the truth,
That you don’t love me back,
And then,
I realize, I was in the place,
Not where I belong..


Locked in the prison of own thoughts,
With no escape.
With no track of long lost days,
Thinking upon where the soul will reside,
When there is nothing left inside.
Who will ever want a soul filled with pain,
Whose actions made of fool.
Can the light of truth free me,
Or all alone i will ever be.
The fate of my life has long gone,
With the soul that has done to much wrong.


This isn’t where I belong,
but now that I’m here,
I will learn to survive,
without any fear.
With the hope to see the sun one day,
I will continue to thrive, all against the odds,
I pledge to strive.
Life isn’t easy, the sky isn’t always clear,
All I need is some patience,
till the rainbow appears.
When once I learn to face,
I know I’ll be alright,
Up against the storms,
I pledge to survive.

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