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Shhh… secrets hushed in the rustling leaves
Tell me, soak in honeyed lies
Carried on the wings of buzzing bees,
Tell me, your blushful thoughts
Unearth the chambers beneath your guise,
Tell me if I am thinking the same
and if you are thinking of me.
An eternity in an endless search
beyond the keeper’s reach,
to rekindle the flame that once burned so real 
Tell me that you still love me.
Shhh, hush… I hear whispers in my head.


Allow me to introduce myself
The “Impenetrable Vault”, laden with secrets on each shelf
With humblest sincerity, I offer forth the vibe
All wishing to unburden themselves need only to subscribe
It’s not a religious thing which I presume to purport
Only am an impartial and trusted listener, a friend offering support
With sagacious contemplation, if asked, I will reply
Empathy, attention, integrity and loyalty is what I can supply


Shh.. don’t laugh out loud,
You sound like a thundering cloud,
Shh.. don’t question him,
It’s a sin.
Shh… don’t tell you were forced,
It’s his right for intercourse.
Shh… not important your dreams,
So no point and don’t scream.
Shh…don’t feel sorry for yourself,
your value is defined by our wellness,
Shh… don’t be so angered,
Remember your job is just to suffice our hunger.


Shhhh… They said mumma,
And I just listened,
As they were older than me.
I ran to you, to share what they did,
You did hear me,
But you too said Shhhh….
Tears rolled down my eyes,
Due to pain and humiliation.
Did you not see it mumma?
Relax my dear mother,
You needn’t tell me Shhhh..
As I slept forever now.

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Silence speaks in screams and vibes
One only had to listen, don’t run and hide
There is beauty in the calmness of a moment
A peace shared within oneself
A beauty well spent
Collect your thoughts and free your mind
And revel at the wonder that silence has to offer
Words are not enough to speak in volumes
For the sanctity of silence that one has to endure
Secrets suffered within, silence will begin to release
That heavy burden that one keeps
Give in to silence so it will not run deep


Shhhh… do not speak it aloud,
Let your thoughts speak to mine,
Let your soul connect to mine,
Let the words cease,
Just seize the moment of joy,
Let love speak its own language,
The language of feeling,
Thoughts and expressions!
Let’s find our solace,
In the joining of our hearts,
In the beautiful, picturesque
woods of life,
Let our eyes pay an ode!
To the beauty of love!

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