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A magical or dreaded word
A word that marks
The beginning
Of an unending conversation
Or maybe
The beginning
Of an end
To a conversation
That was not meant to last…


Hello … hey you I miss u, said she,
I’m busy (click), said he.
Hello… it’s been long, said she,
I have some colleagues along (click), said he.
Hello… I have been trying to reach out, she said,
“Don’t irritate me” with a shout (click), said he.
Hello…I need you, said she
Don’t you understand I’m done with you (click), he said.
Hello… I wish you could tell me what was wrong, she said.
I don’t wanna talk to you (bang), he said.
Hello…I wish I hadn’t loved you, she said.
I prefer an expensive shoe anytime over you, said he.


No one picks the calls
As if it never rings.
Same number he dials
On which love tales brew
But now she doesn’t answer
As if she ignores you.
Again, he calls to hear her voice
At least speak the HELLO…
She is in thoughts and prayers of all,
How will she answer the call?


Hello, you’ve reached Snehal. I can’t answer my phone right now because I am answering a very important question asked of me by my 4-year-old. Like why he cannot wear his pyjamas to the park when it’s zero degrees outside. Or maybe I’m chasing my 2-year-old up the stairs to get his nappy changed. I am also trying to remember the last time I showered or slept without anxiety gnawing at my being. Perhaps I’m struggling to carry out certain simple everyday tasks thanks to PD symptoms or being utterly terrified about what the future holds. I most certainly will get back to you. Until then send me coffee and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Thank you! Beeeeep

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