Solitude, my friend!

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Solitude, my friend,
You’ve placed your roots in me
Deep and without warning
Now we are one, you see.
Nobody comes along
When Everybody whispers lies
Nobody seeks my love
And only Nobody hears my cries.
Many question us
Bond cut with cursed blades’ end
I move on and live my sorrow, I tell them
“That’s solitude, my friend.”


Solitude, my friend
My companion of all the time,
decorating me with the inner peace of mine.
Solitude, my friend
that uncovered the serenity in stillness,
fulfilling my desire of long spaces.
Solitude, my friend
taught me to acknowledge and admire
the melody of broken chime,
When I was sinking in depth with my broken heart, no, broken mind.
Solitude, my friend
whose silence echoed my inner voice,
That I compressed in the crowd’s loud noise.
Solitude, my friend
transformed me in a soul with evolved thoughts
Inducing in me the courage to fight
Introducing me again to myself.


When the world turns its back on you
Be brave enough to fight the storm on your own
When the surroundings seem more chaotic than your thoughts
Free your mind to make room for your soul
When the brightest sunrise is unable to keep you warm
Tell the moon your fears and its light will safely guide you home
Because you see, it is solitude, my friend!
It will never rip off your conscious efforts to survive
Unless you will give up in this tiresome stride
It will make you your biggest muse
When you will learn to acknowledge your worth and virtues
So, get up stronger my friend, for even if alone, the divine power is watching over you.


Solitude, My friend!
I love you the most,
You gave me a place to rest,
When none had no room for me,
I sought you time and again!
You came lovingly every single time,
Loving me like none other!
Stayed with me like the most
loyal companion,
I hope we stay together till Eternity!
My dear friend,
I can always count on you every single time!


Solitude, my friend..
I deeply thank you for being there at the day’s end..
As you help me survive the trauma of mixed emotional blends..
Conferring upon me the much-needed clarity and all the strength..
I pay you my gratitude and embrace you with open hands.
My dear friend as your each visit teaches me to heighten my skills..
Like a true mentor you guide me through all my failures and drills..
Today I take this pleasant moment to reciprocate all the love that you give..
As I lean to touch you with my love filled words and commit to you;
That our this sweet and fulfilling union would never end.


Solitude, my friend,
Our friendship has stood the test of time
For who do we have in this world
But we ourselves?
We can always be who we want to be
And change ourselves accordingly
But when we set about to change another
That’s when things fall apart
It is you, solitude, my dear friend
Who has revealed this truth to me
And taught me to be my own best friend
Rather than worst enemy.


Solitude, my friend
I owe you enough for acting as a parasol
from the scorching heat of reality.
For safeguarding my amaltas dreams pepping through
gossamer veils.
emotional myalgia,
somnolent dreams,
a sudden bazooka of rainbow syllables
shot through the syntax of memory
all are safe in your bosom.


Of amber sunshine spread on hills
Of leaping fish in silver rills
In solitude I dream, do much more
I write, I read, I sing , I soar
And all the love in me unspent
Spills out as season’s last lament
Solitude my friend, always stands by
And I dare to claim the shining sky
The chaos of words- impending doom
In quiet, life laughs in cassia blooms
I cherish these moments of bliss, I must!
Peace falls from sky like fairy dust


My Dear friend, Solitude,
I wish being with you,
You reflects me what is true
strengthen myself to be with Me.
I never let you go
You are my space to grow
Whether anyone stand or not by my side
You are the one whose company I will enjoy.

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