Indian Festive Season by Ramya V.

The word festival, truly a fascinating word brings a myriad of emotions to little Shreya. Colours, lights, meeting relatives, sweets, and new clothing fills her innocent mind. Most importantly the stories her mother would say depicting the importance of the festival be it Diwali, Dusshera, or Ganesh Chaturthi are what eagerly she listens to every year though the contents remain the same. When Shreya entered her teenage, she deduced one thing from the thought of celebrating festivals, which is good always triumphs over evil.

But then she asked her mother,

“Ma, is righteousness winning stays only in the past?”

Though a bit astonished her mother replied, “No dear. It is a continuous happening, Whatever era we may live in, remember only goodness perishes”

“Ma, then why do we witness so much pain, agony, and suffering that keeps happening somewhere in this world? Why aren’t evildoers not punished?”

Her mother stood stunned.

Just like Shreya, these questions pop up in many of our minds. Today’s advancement brings us news that happens all over the world in just seconds.

What do we expect to see?

New technological progress, information about celebrities, current trends in fashion, latest film releases, world politics and and . . .

Yes, we do get to see them all, yet the overall percentage comes to around 10 – 20?

What do we actually see?

Crimes, embezzlement, violence especially against women, brutality, corruption, and the list goes on.

Indeed, they can be termed in one word, evil.

The next question in the queue is

Gods took different forms to save mankind, which we hear as stories in our childhood. Will this remain as mere teachings?

Today the ones who suffer the loss in some way tend to feel evil has won over goodness. The statistical data on unsolved crimes can even push us to believe so.

The reality does seem scary, yet it cannot change the truth that evil can never succeed in whatever period we live in. As we pass on to the future generations what we learned as kids, the stories about festivals that says righteousness is only alive, it is important to tell them about the unseen Gods in the present.

person carrying a lighted candle

Unseen Gods? Yes, it does sound strange. Let us glance through these real-time incidents which might have slipped amongst other news.

–       An auto-rickshaw driver returned a bag of gold left unknowingly by his passenger

–       A person who asks for alms in the street donated to the Corona relief fund during the pandemic

–       When a car met with an accident on the highways, a farmer took the injured to the nearby hospital in his tractor

Among many other factors, India stands proud of the festivals celebrated. It isn’t a one-day joyous time spent with friends and family but a legacy that is passed on to future generations.

Can we say that Gods do not want to take different avatars to save the world and instead make their appearance in unidentified human forms?

In this fast-moving routine life, evil only keep multiplying. And to nullify the same goodness is needed in abundance.

Together with lights, colours, sweets, smiles, and mythological stories let us pass on the unnoticed good vibes that do exist in the present so that evil can face defeat forever.

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