Brighten the Dark!

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Brighten the Dark!


The Diwali Reminder
Your clutter could be someone’s treasure,
Light a lamp of giving and brighten the dark.
Rejuvenate those bonds ignored and covered in dust for years,
Light a lamp of love and brighten the dark.
Sweeten the bitterness in someone’s life,
Light a lamp of empathy and brighten the dark.
Be the sparkler that enlivens a sullen heart,
Light a lamp of joy and brighten the dark.
Regardless of the God, you choose to follow,
Be the reason someone believes in good and not in evil,
Light a lamp of righteousness and brighten the dark.


Brighten your dark
Brighten your dark insecurities with the little ray of light of optimism
The darkness may ruin your future if you tend to believe upon the self-doubt
Nevertheless, if you will start keeping faith upon your inner strength you tend to pave way towards a brighter future
Brighten your dark with the slightest of silver lining of the darkest cloud
Else the darkness of your hesitation towards your faith will never let you succeed in being self-reliant.
Brighten your dark and illuminate your soul and let the light of yourself belief assist others in their lives.


Come on! get up and get into the action…
Let past your gloomy self and set your inner warrior in motion.
Be free from the shackles of your inhibiting imagination.
Add more power & fire to your spark..
And brighten the life’s dull & dark bark.!
For to brighten the dark is in our possession..
A life full of vivid colors is our ambition.!!
One who choses this mission is endowed to shine bright like the Sun..
As brightening the dark is the trait of the warriors who fear seldom.!!

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Keep the lamps of positivity
The Diya of Hope illuminating the dark corners of the world,
The aura of joyful fervour,
Spreading its aura far and wide,
Brighten the dark corners of the globe,
The festive fervour of thy,
May it spread the spirit of it,
In every home!
Let your festive fervour enlighten,
Illuminate each’s heart in the spirit of rejoicing warmth!
Let the colours and light of Diwali,
Be felt by each in its truest joy!


All the cuboids and cubes of concrete
stood bright across the river,
diyas and sparkles all around,
but dark and dirt at the down slump.
A pair of eyes seeking some light
pulled my feet to his matchbox hut
my anklets chirped nonstop
till the lamp in my hands saw those eyes
the lamp poured its light into his room
and brightened the dark,
then I saw the real sparkles in his eyes
and brightened his dark.


Brighten the dark
with illuminating spark
by lighting candles and diyas
by feeling blessed
for the joy and celebration
for the warmth of love and togetherness
enjoy the kaleidoscopic colors and designs of Rangoli
enjoy the freshness and divine fragrance of Diwali
And let’s become self-effulgent
with a cleansing commitment
scintillating beauty every moment.


When the walls of darkness cave in,
Brighten the dark
A small spark or sliver of light can pierce the impregnable, heavy veil of darkness and bring light, hope and peace to a bleeding heart
If the candle you may not be,
Then be the mirror that reflects its light
Do what you want, do what you can,
Be a torch bearer, a candle or a little lamp
Bring light into someone’s life,
Just Brighten the dark.


Diwali is known for the lights that make the night so delight.
Crackers bursting out loud alerts the crowd, some up into the sky and some on the ground.
Lightning the diyas in front of the house
and with garlands that are decorative make the house so attractive.
Firecrackers that are plentiful make the sky look so colorful.
This is about ‘Diwali’ that brightens the dark with full sparks.

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