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Under the ebony skies of inky delight
Darkness whispers to slay the demons
The brightness that was suppressed in the shadows of evil
Suddenly illumined my inner soul akin to the jack-o-lanterns
Singing a chorus of a new dawn with the starlight
The ghoulish cob-webs of the skeletal past began to fade
The carved pumpkins celebrate with their exuberant grins
As I chose to conquer my Celtic inner monsters
For finally ‘twas the time to trick or treat my inner angel
Who won the battle of good against evil!


On the darkest of the days..
I don’t allow my balance to sway away..
Though my emotions like ghosts on me down play;
Spooky delusional thoughts haunting my sanity,
I stand firm refusing to surrender to loose my sense of clarity.
For I know the darkest of dark would be erased,
As I stay determined and unleash my light to play.
This light from within has the prowess to set everything right,
Just as the sun conquers the darkest of the nights!!


I run, as farther I could,
But the darkness keeps chasing me.
There’s a small glint that I see,
Shoo away the darkness, it would ?!
My legs give up i kneel,
The darkness turned darker, I feel.
It engulfs me , my heart feels the heaviest,
I am now the darkest soul, glowing under light.


Darkest hour of life
When I opened my
Eyes in this world
Of greed and lust
Walking through
Ebony tunnels
Skeletons scatter
Everywhere people
Moans in agony a
Man in hood killing
Them harshly thank
God it was a dream
But it was heart wrenching
Goosebumps everywhere
On body when I awake
With pouring sweat thoroughly.

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