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Catching a glimpse of nature
Myriad colours for every creature
Sans these hues, everything would appear,
Dreary and dull, that my soul would want to disappear
While colours hold the potential to bring back evanesced glee
Overuse of them can make the spirit flee
Striking the right balance between colours is an art
Sometimes an amalgamation of the tints can melt the heart
Colours can define you and me
The importance of colors is comprehended by someone who can’t see


Sometimes you wake to cloudy skies,
Grey or black, with no hint of light
Then there are times you wake up to yellow sunshine,
Rays of gold streaming through wide
Whatever the day you wake up to or have,
Let me be by your side
In the orange of autumn,
In the green of spring,
In the white of winter,
Or any shade there is
Keep me close, hold me tight
Dont walk away, stay the night


I borrowed some green from the trees,
I stole some white from the lillies,
From the sky I asked for some blue,
A tinge of red from the Gulmohar that grew,
A little yellow I took from the sun,
Added them to my life to have some fun,
How wonderful are these colours of nature,
That brighten our spirits and do us a favour!


Portraying a pivotal role in our being,
Colors lend a new depth & dimension to our lives.
As each phenomenon has it’s own unique hue;
Love has red while peace is white,
Death and void is black while gloom & despair is blue.
As the colorful rainbow symbolises the totality of life,
Everytime it crops up in the sky to remind one to live a multi-shaded & varied life.
As the mortal beings we must absorb the light of life: so to spread like a prism an existence of varied hues & colors of differentiated alive flights..!!
For colors are life!


Eyes wide & entranced, focused on the enchanting cacophony of colours. Mesmerized by the magic it creates. Masking the mundane & making it magnificent. Marvelling at the brilliant browns, rich reds & glittering golds. But mostly, the air of hope, that colours everything, giving it a shine, that simply shimmers. A signal, heralding the start of the Autumn season.


The sun goes down the horizon,
The sky is filled with myriad colours
And each colour is so different form the other,
They make me compare them with life itself.
Red is the colour of passion,
Of love in all its glory,
It stands for two hearts beating as one,
It tells a youthful story.
Orange is the colour of warmth and fun,
Of happy times each day
It also stands for the wisdom of monks,
Who with kindness lead the way
Brown stands for stability,
It symbolises Mother Earth,
It is a promise to each and everyone,
That of nurturing there is no dearth
And then I view the fading blue,
When life is at the end of its game,
The time is rife with aches and pain
One lives only for the name
And when these colours blend together
And disappear into the night,
They teach me life’s lessons
With colours some dull, some bright


At the horizon streaks of orange glow,
On the grey sky, it does a visual throw!
The black night takes it as its cue,
To melt away and let the misty morning through!

The sky radiates with soft blues and yellows,
Earth is a-washed in colours mellow!
Emerald green leaves glisten with golden dew,
And light up a column of dusty brown yews!

A carpet of pink spreads out on the heath,
With reds and violets peeking from beneath!
Nature with this colourful display,
Teaches us to shake off the drab, and be iridescent and gay!


You ask me about the colours
You see
I have so many around me
For they make me blissful
They indicate different connotations
You know Azure
That’s for tranquility
White is for peace
Which we seek
Red has always been the color
Of desire
Likewise, Orange is for
Burning fire
When I wanna rave my joy
I am all about powder pink n pistachios
Yellow is for the approach
Of little smiles
Green I allocate
To the pure nature
Purple tells me I am the
Possessing queen
Bravery goes with the black
Which suits the best for ninja in me
Silver walks in when I am
Direct & truthful
Royal Blue takes on to
The feminine honour
Lavender whispers me
That I occupy
The domain of many cores
Gold is the elegance
That I achieve
While I stand up
For what I believe is right
Brown is for soil
That reminds me about my final belonging
Despite of them being so many
You see, still
No colour chooses
To represent the miffed
So no one can quest it.


Life would be dull and dusky, 
If there were no colours. 
Colours come in different hues
Like family, friends and foes as well. 
Family and friends make life brighter, 
Foes reduce the brightness a bit. 
But ain’t that needed for, 
the brightness to stand tall and high? 


The colours of autumn, orange and reds all fill my head with memories as I watch the last of the summer leaves dance away taking the last of the summer beauty with them.
As I look out my window and see trees standing naked, stripped bare by the winter wind, it’s like watching a black and white movie scene as grey clouds sail on by above a sea which was once green.
We wait until the spring when vibrant colours will start to bloom, oh it can’t come too soon, until then I feel like I’m locked in a black and white tomb.

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The lost colors of an innocent childhood
The hideous hues of various facades of adulthood
The scarlets ‘n golds of nature’s celestial Fall
The verdant green of Spring or the teasing tangerine of the setting fiery ball
Every disparate hue has colorful stories to tell
Salving your wounds, filling exuberance in your life’s pail
Lend an ear to their unvoiced emotions
Connecting to their colorful luminescence, to alleviate your inner commotion


Once upon a time, the colours of the universe 
were all equally dispersed 
Into a body and soul 
With a purpose in this world …
Each color was fuelled by love and kindness 
Containing the power of greatness …
Its spectrum of light touched the hearts and minds 
Shining today in the spirit of humankind …
A helping hand, a hug, a smile , each unfold 
The beauty , the magnitude, each colour behold
Seeing pass the eyes , spirit’s true colours shine 
Back into universe in time all colours will align…


Life is a kaleidoscope of colours
a play of great adventures
with multifarious characters
encouraging growth and excitement
offering tremendous possibilities
to explore rich and vivid experiences
reflect hope and happiness
And see wonder and opportunity in all circumstances.


The colours of forgetting
Are what everyone want to see.
The ones that make you believe
What you feel is the truth indeed,
The very truth you never wanted to see.
They make us forget who we used to be,
They make us realize what we really are inside.


The sky got darken when wind gently howled,
swollen clouds finally burst showering its heavy heart out.
wild thunderclaps taunted and triggered the earthed sorrows,
as if turning the yellow pages of your memories I borrowed.
I dared not to leave my tear drenched pillow,
but soon there was a knocking of bright rays on my window.
Gathering courage, I peeped out with my half opened eyes,
What captivated me was a rainbow smiling in the sun kissed sky.
Bridging heaven to earth, it was nurturing every being,
with its vibrant colour it touched my heart,as if an attempt to heal me.
grace of the Yellow shade now reminded me of your caress hugs,
and the touch of violet said how precious, perfect phase it was.
Strokes of green unearthed the memories of grassy carpets,
with entangled arms on which we dance all bare footed.
the aura of orange is the warmth of love,
when you use to lift me up to pluck flowers from above.
and that red reminded me of the redness of your cheeks,
when for the first time you gave me roses and dared not to speak.
Uhh! Blue brought my gloomy thoughts again,
happiness ephermal, giving so much pain.
Why God snatches our loved one too soon,
Do he too crave for the endless love like moon.
Indigo spread the strength, in my frozen nerves you filled,
reminded me of every lesson you taught with your gentle kiss.
You blissful memories are now my saviour,
My love, I know this rainbow is sent by you,
Should i call it a message carrier?

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