Life in my City

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There is life in my city, but not in people.
The dead don’t feel a thing, the living feel dead.
They have nothing to worry about, but still feel scared.
We are always running around
with no destination to reach
there may be many things to learn
but not what starving can teach
The rich only get richer
the poor get poorer
My city is full of dreams
but when you wake up,
the reality hits.


Bus rides through morning blues.
Tea-stall debates in newspaper hues.
Poetic incense burning in cold corners,
Where the light couldn’t crack through.
Through narrow lanes beneath the sunlit grey skies,
Walks a couple with million different smiles.
Burning passion on burnt-out cards
Love uncompromised among the embroidery of scars.
Lives of art, love for laze
Basking in the glory of the past; dazed.
A life of absoluteness.
The perfection of chaos seducing his way through a flawed calm.


Life in my city 
Greeted by crimson skies 
Early traffic on the rise 
Commuters everywhere 
With paper thin smiles and sleepy eyes 
Smell of coffee and tea
Hidden faces behind newspapers I see 
Smartly dressed in suit and ties 
Making their way to glass buildings very high
Red double decker buses go by
As black cabbies run the wallet dry
There is buzzing energy everywhere
Even when night draws near, and time disappears 


“Platform number 1 ki gaadi platform number 4 se jayegi”
And the crowds rush to get on the train like their life depends on it
And well it pretty much does
Life in my city is incomplete without the trains
The lifeline of Mumbai
Snaking its way through the heart of the city
Millions of dreams travel within the compartments
Crammed, irritated, angry fights
And then there’s also the friendly sights
Sharing sweets as someone’s son passed the exams or a daughter wins a prize
The whole compartment rejoices and relishes the treat
A cutting chai is the solution to every problem
Wada pav is the best food ever, but incomplete without a fried mirchi and spicy chutney
Heritage buildings, celebrate history
Modern architectural marvels 
Amaze the tourists
From Gateway to Arnala
From forts to beaches
From Music to movies
My city has it all
Life in my city is hectic 
But life in my city is also magic


Always short of time
Never a moment to spare
Always on the run
To make ends meet
Always thirsting for more
Goals to achieve
Always hoping for the impossible
And making it happen
Life in my city


Life in my city is all about the hustle and bustle
Boarding a train and getting a seat for many is an everyday tussle
Fast-paced is life here
To make it big, lakhs of people have arrived from villages far and near
Arduous it is to carve a life for self here,
Sans any fear
My city will teach something new every day
Once acclimatized here, in another city, it becomes difficult to stay


Life in my city,
A mixed cauldron of cultures,
Boiling in a beautiful mix
of secularism,
All standing together through thick n thin,
Matching together in unison,
For every single endeavour taken for the betterment of the city,
The relaxed attitude and the moderate weather,
Call each to make their abode in
its warmth here,
In togetherness we strife to stride together towards contentment,
Hail to our city,
May you stay blessed and prosper to new growing heights!
Joy to all who live in this paradise which was recreated for all!


Nothing’s right, It’s a fight,
Political turmoil,
Life in my city; Is Deprived,
PDM’s at fault, Country’s at stake,
Raising voices, gets us in jail,
There is darkness everywhere,
But wait, we see light…
In PTI’s plight,
Life in my city will be alright,
With PTI we will stand, encounter every trouble at hand,
Making a way forward, doing everything we can,
To bring peace, and justice to this city once again…


One of the coolest place to be in,
My city looks pretty with greenery around,
And the people here, add on to that.
Traffic jams marr this place,
Yet, I am proud of my city.
For the world, she is called the IT Capital of India
For her people, she is Namma Bengaluru.


Life in my city begins at odd hours
Odd to some of us, who work another time zone
We haven’t seen the rising sun for years
We satisfy ourselves with rosy evenings instead
Our families have only watched us sleep
Some have only complained at a family function
Why we never made it to the last one
Some of our old friends have parted ways
Assuming we have been arrogant snobs
Life in my city has been unfair to some of us
As I count the years that have flown this way


Life in my city became old, and we were ready for a transition
We made it our mission
We moved to a small town with a quaint disposition
The town has historic recognition and small-town tradition
Life became slower paced, without traffic to imposition
We live in the midst of nature in a relaxed condition
At night, we gaze upon the stars with a clear open sky position
Strangers wave at each other without inhibition
It’s all we dreamed of, small town country life, the best by any definition

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