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We’re excited to announce the results of our recent poetry writing contest. The contest received an overwhelming number of entries, and we were blown away by the talent and creativity of our participants. After much deliberation, our judges have finally selected the winners, and we can’t wait to share them with you. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the winning poems and the talented writers behind them.

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!


They talk, they scream, they even cry.
They mock, they spew hatred
Sometimes they spin wicked plans,
Then they contemplate!
For they are in constant denial
With reality, and the way of life
Sometimes they create illusions
Of the larger wants and desires
Other times they predict the future
Either way they are what make you
They are what you want it to be
They, your thoughts make up a lexicon of what you are!


A close knit family of my toilsome thoughts
Visit and talk to me, each moment of the day
Where are you and why are you
Not dazzling like the sun’s first ray?
I told, I am what my thoughts are
All jumbled up and confused
Joy and optimism, at times beg to enter
But pushed back by low spirits and refused
Hope one day, this world is a close knit family
Our thoughts shining, bright and fresh
This entity is too short for hatred and regrets
And to get entangled in our own life’s inner mesh.


Rushing like speeding wind,
That never cease to end;
Myriad and diverse in nature..
Thoughts in my head are colorful creatures!!
These pave way for what I am and what I could be,
Some positive some negative all align to balance my being.
They whisper to me to keep going when drained and in plight;
Teaching me traits of courage and perseverance,
Rendering strength and rationality to my emotions…
They give impetus to the motion of my life.
As my best guide they don’t need an invitation and on their own do they arrive;
And I cherish each of those with utmost delight as these thoughts in my head are my divine strength and guide.


Sometimes sailing sometimes swimming sometimes sinking,
Always immersed in our pool of thoughts,
We are so called poets to be.
From ocean’s mysterious depths,
Priceless pearls we pick.
Collecting them together,
A poetic piece of the jewel we weave.
We hear, observe, empathize and understand,
The silence hid deep within.
Through our profound words,
People’s versatile emotions are voiced.
Because all the experiences spring,
From the thoughts, we engage in.


Sometimes crude, sometimes pristine
The thoughts in my mind are certainly jumbled
Restless and turbulent
Those thoughts in my head are unwavering
They seek peace, but veiled in chaos
The thoughts in my head are mostly misconstrued
Overthinking gets on my nerves
The thoughts in my head suffocate me
I still try pushing them away
Cluesless I am as to what plunges the thoughts in my mind to hit me hard….

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Thoughts in my head enjoy a rollercoaster ride
Some moments of glee and some not so bright
Sometimes pondering over the right and the wrong
Sometimes suggesting me to stop and not prolong
At times, they take me to the fantasy realm
Telling me to shed all inhibitions, fly and dream
They praise, motivate, criticize and slam
Thoughts in my head make me who I am.


Thoughts in my head
toss and turn
like a sleepless summer night.
The creaking of the ceiling fan
fills my head with memories
of the home, I had left long back.
Thoughts in my head run wild, to and fro like a stubborn child.
By dawn, they get tired and rest for a while;
on the rainbow’s bosom.


Thoughts hovering in my head.
Are drawn on this paper spread.
It’s one of my mandala practices.
Done to overcome a negative cactus.
Shades of grey, black & white.
And like the soul, it sails into the sight.
My worries & anxieties take that spiral curve.
Where the way of nature will test every nerve.
A spiritual journey from outside to inner core.
When it’s wings are bruised & it’s bosom sore.


Sleepless eyes in search of light,
Screaming with shadows by unlocking the sarrow.
Who will carry my weeping heart ?
When past abandoned my present !
Do flowers bloom on rotten body?
Like cactus grow on barren land !
Sometimes mind is a terrible place
Where you lost yourself and it’s
Hard -to – find way back way home.

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Thoughts in my head
Jostle for space
In a muddled hierarchy
Of priorities
In the ensuing fight
For survival
The sad ones retreat
To fight another day.


Thoughts in my head wander in and out of my black moods.
Sometimes on a glittering slab of granite and then hanging a thousand feet above a mountain lake.
I dream of withdrawing myself in to mountains or find solace amongst the crowd, not knowing that I am a child in my thoughts, wandering to search for a bright pebble to content myself with.
I see the path in my thoughts, but don’t know where it will lead me to, so I guard my thoughts to lead me in to a world that is beyond my imagination.


I’m being held captive
By the thoughts in my head
Jumbled mazes colluding together
Erecting new alleys, obstructing exit
Thoughts like spaghetti strands
No ending no beginning
I’m free to wander but never leave
I slip and slide into pools of confusion
Struggling, exhausted I pause to question
Do I control my thoughts or do they control me?

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Sometimes I say things I don’t mean and mean things I don’t say,
Clouded like my vision,
The thoughts inside my head stay,
They gather like rain clouds and thunder in my head during the day,
Come night, the voices get louder somehow, someway,
Plugging my ears with headphones to drown out the voices with music might work today,
Though escaping these thoughts in my head seems impossible I say,
It’s time to face the music, I choose my sanity and leave behind all the grey.


Random thoughts fill my mind when a writer’s block strike me,
Failure to think of something new, I sit back in commotion and restlessly.
Looking here and there, I wish to give myself a pause,
But the itch to pen down something interesting doesn’t let me stop.
Neurons in my brain spread like ripples in my head,
Rush at one go but are invisible on the other end.
It isn’t easy to clear the blurry chain of thoughts,
Sit back, relax and automatically you will spot a good plot.


They argue and fight,
From the wrongs to the rights,
The thoughts in my head,
Kills the silence of the night.
As they erupt my peace of mind,
To another world, it binds
The thoughts in my head,
Blurs my reality and makes me blind.
As I try to put up my fences,
Against the negative thoughts as defences,
The thoughts in my head,
Rattle again my senses


Thoughts in my head, they swirl and spin,
A maelstrom of chaos deep within,
Ideas and worries, hopes and fears,
Tangled up in endless gears.
I try to sort them, make them neat,
But they refuse to take a seat,
They dance and twirl and laugh at me,
These thoughts that will not let me be.
And so I breathe and close my eyes,
And let the thoughts become the skies,
A canvas vast, both dark and bright,
A universe of endless might.
And in this space of thought and dream,
I find the peace that makes me beam,
For though my thoughts may come and go,
The stillness in my heart will grow.

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