A Bucket Full of Summer

We’re excited to announce the results of our recent poetry writing contest. We received a plethora of entries, and each one was a unique representation of the joys and memories of summertime. It was a difficult task to select the winners, but after careful consideration, we have arrived at a decision.

We were truly impressed by the creativity and skill exhibited by all the participants, and we want to thank each and every one of you for your contribution. Your words took us on a journey through the scents, sights, and sounds of summer, and we are grateful for the experience.

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!

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Without further ado, the winning poems of the contest are:


Voila, the scorching summer is here
Time to take away my winter blues
The warmth will surely brighten up my days
Immersing me in a bucket full of hues
Drenched in sweat, but spirits high
Yearning to take a dive to swim
Splashes of water dancing on my face
Snatching away all my grim
Reading a book, idling under the sun
This is all I want, oh Lord!
Chasing crabs and collecting shells on the shore
Clearly, this is where my heart belonged.


Summer materializes onto my doorstep,
with a bucketful of nostalgia
idyllic afternoons ripen like mangoes…
evening games laugh children play
sparkling innocence sips
rasna from its favorite glass
devouring books as a feast
how was the memory? summer asks
sweeter than the mangoes I reply
a bucketful of summer…
I wish I could live it again.


The bucket full of Summer
It comes with a kiss of heat
Brings along the shower of sweat
I treat myself with ice creams and drinks
There is no great guilty pleasure I bet
It pushes me to sun glazed baths
Tans me all over with it’s love wrath
I adorn myself with Sunglasses and hats Sunscreens slapping my face and hands
Should I Wrap myself or face him right?
Sun sweat dripping from my face and eyes
The far I try to go out of its reach, the bucket full of Summer drenches me all over.


A bucket full of summer, a bliss it brings
Nostalgia hits hard as I remember traveling
To meet Granny and Grandpa
And devour mangoes raw
We all kids played hide and seek
And relished popsicles when the heat was at its peak
Sleeping on the terrace at night, gazing at the inky black celestial sky
Going with Grandma to buy,
Chocolates and biscuits for all
We enjoyed our vacation sans phones and mall
Miss those days of Yore
Summer holidays we’re never a bore.


The trail is aflame with clusters of oranges and reds,
As they on their soft velvety petals tread.
The leaves softly rustle in the balmy breeze,
And drift down lazily in twos and threes.

A bucket full of summer is spread out before them,
Spilling sleepy afternoon with a contented purr;
Quiet leafy lanes hide a story or two,
Like their romance before the world butts through!

Summery afternoons are perfect for their tryst,
Hiding behind the knotty trunks to steal that ardent kiss,
The midsummer sun winks from above,
And showers its blessings on their true love!


Summers are nostalgic.
Forgotten heat and dust,
Resurfaces in the heart,
Carrying with it the pain and pleasure of long lost memories.

A childhood from the distant past,
Comes back in flashes,
Like a sepia coloured picture,
Slipping out of an old family album.
Lazy afternoons spent wearing little petticoats,
With not much to occupy the mind other than the make-believe world of books,
A small vacation planned with care but not much money,
Spent sitting on swings and listening to some old songs.
Friends, spiced pickles and cold milkshakes made it more bearable and soon the first drops of monsoon made their appearance.
Then a new year at school,
A birthday, candles, family, love and affection .
So much, so soon, so blessed!
Summers sure are nostalgic!


Reminiscing those golden days
Holidays following the final exams.
The slurping of random flavor icecreams,
Days spent at beaches and sand castles.
That obvious plan to Granny’s home…
The azure sky looks so clear.
Shorter nights and beautiful shining longer days
Mangoes, litchis, and juicy fruits
All those memories I keep,
That are treasures I love so deep.
The buckets of summer I left in past,
What I see is only the temperature rising too fast.
I gazed at the sky it’s summer sunset,
Stars glow mesmerizing at
So much changed yet so much same.

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A bucket full of summer,
Has bright things to offer.
Mangoes and ice creams,
And the warmth of the sun in dreams.
Vacations in the scorching heat,
Well, nothing else in the world can beat,
The mood and some joy,
That we all heartily enjoy.
A bucket full of summer
Has bright things to offer.

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A bucket full of summer, oh what joy it brings,
With sandy toes and salty air, we dance and sing,
The warmth of the sun upon our skin,
Creating memories we’ll cherish within.

The sound of waves crashing against the shore,
As we build sandcastles, forevermore,
The taste of ice cream, sweet and cold,
Moments like these never do get old.

A bucket full of summer, a treasure to behold,
So many adventures yet to unfold,
Let’s make the most of these sunny days,
And bask in the beauty of life’s little ways.

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