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World Autism Month is an annual international event that takes place every April to raise awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The purpose of the month-long observance is to promote acceptance, inclusion, and understanding of individuals with autism and their families. World Autism Day is observed annually on April 2nd.

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our recent poetry contest, which was focused on spreading awareness about World Autism Day. We received a number of entries, and each one was unique. Since, we did not mention anything about Autism when we announced the contest, except for the figurative prompt – we received a number of interpretations on the prompt. It was indeed a difficult task to select the winners, but after careful consideration, we have arrived at a decision.

We were truly impressed by the creativity and skill exhibited by all the participants, and we want to thank each and every one of you for your contribution.

Congratulations to all the winners and a sincere thank you to all the participants!

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Without further ado, the winning poems of the contest are:


What’s so strange if I admire her and not him?
After all, what’s life without some fantasies and whim?
Please excuse me if my ideas don’t match with the norm
I just want to live freely, without meaning any harm
Us humans are like chalk and cheese, each with a different psych
Some are fond of the same gender, it’s whom they wish to like
Seeming strange to the world, but actually just unique
Why are we introduced always, in a manner so oblique?
Don’t judge us, don’t snub us , don’t outcaste us for sure
Don’t single us out, we also have a heart so pure.


In a world of patterns, routines, and rules,
Some minds wander off, exploring new tools.
Different perceptions, colors, and sounds,
Create a universe where uniqueness abounds.

Though some may say odd, weird, or bizarre,
These traits make them stand out, shine like a star.
Their perspectives offer a brand-new range,
Of ideas and thoughts that are truly unique, not strange.


Wherever you go in life, there are no two
Because there is only one like you
Your smile, your frown, your stare,
Like you, no one can care
The way you sing, dance, and talk
You possess a different walk
You have a unique body and mind
There is something special when you are kind
Just like fingerprints, appreciate the uniqueness in you
Because there is no one like you


Class apart tag,
Branded by the signature
collection of compassion,
Limited edition in the compassionate line of
New launch,
Built by years of command in kindness,
Yes definitely a one of its kind,
Unique in collectibles,
But not strange!


Unique, not strange
I wear my heart on my sleeve
I let my emotions rage
I am not shy of my tears
I live life without the fear of
‘log kya kahenge!’
Yes, I am cranky and difficult at times.
When sad, I sit with a large ice cream tub and have a chat with the stars.

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