Depression – By Jahnavi Sharma

Depression is something we think we know,
But in reality its not just about feeling low.

Crying in their room they wonder what to do,
Wishing others could understand them too.

They put on a fake smile since it’s the only option there,
Hoping that no one notices how their life is in despair.

Knowing that this isn’t healthy they try to look for ways,
But how do you expect someone to recover when “DIE” is all
their hear says?

a woman sitting alone on her bed

They feel sick inside and want to heal,
Dealing with that must be hard though considering they can
no longer feel.

Isolating themselves from whom they love because of extreme fear,

By Jahnavi Sharma

Sitting alone they start wondering when death will finally be near.

Feeling stuck in a loop of emotions they want it all to end,
Sadly though the destiny of humans is something we can not

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