Reflecting India: Stories of Independence, Progress, and Diversity- The Great Mahatma – MK Gandhi

Written by Trisha Shrisha

MK Gandhi is celebrated, admired, and revered for his ideology and wisdom in India and the world. His legacy to embrace kindness and truth continues to inspire us and offers hope as we lead our lives. He is truly the Mahatma for his universal and spiritual appeal.

Many international influential leaders have adopted his philosophy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has successfully adopted and incorporated his teachings. These values provide solutions to various challenges of climate change, terrorism, and corruption confronted by the world.

His vision and philosophy are the cornerstones of the work of the United Nations since he believed in inter-connectedness and unity between all things. His contribution towards ending colonial rule in India through peace, love, and integrity is memorable.

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King followed the ideals of a peaceful transformation, democratic and free society. His teachings played a vital role in transforming South Africa and overcoming apartheid in that country.

His lessons of tolerance, non-violence, Satyagraha, the Quit India Movement, the Dandi March, and believing in one’s faith, has significant importance. He played a crucial part in India’s independence, as he took India’s level up as a mature nation on the international platform. We got our freedom from the clutches of the British Raj through non-violence and which is truly remarkable!

He advocated that there should be ecological consciousness and that people should live in harmony with nature and the need of the hour. People have taken inspiration from his peaceful Dandi March and followed it to raise their voices in defense of the climate in the form of climate mobilization. Millions of people around the world have come together in both large cities and rural communities to start a new chapter in the fight against climate change.

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His principles of being vegetarian, truthfulness, self-governance, tolerance, observing silence, and cleanliness provide solutions to most of the problems faced by people in modern times. Everyone will be able to lead and appreciate life holistically if they all start putting it into practice. As such many still adhere to his beliefs and principles.

Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister, has adopted his philosophy and launched the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) on October 2, 2014, a massive behavior change campaign ever attempted in the field of sanitation in the world. It has had a positive economic impact and improved the health of families in rural India.

He has taken various personas, including those of a politician, social reformer, guru, journalist, peacemaker, and educator, offering something to each one of us as characters in an epic novel.

He was an inventor and a freedom fighter who thought that waging peace rather than conflict was the way to achieve independence.

His Khadi is envisioned as the foundation and the embodiment of ahimsa, self-reliance, sustenance, and hard work. It has been referred to as the ‘fabric of Indian independence’ and regarded as a symbol of India’s potential economic self-sufficiency. The Khadi impact is indelible.

SEWA, the Self-Employed Women Association in Ahmedabad, echoes his ideology. It continues to be successfully responsible for providing women with child and maternal healthcare, bank facilities, and training classes to encourage economic self-reliance.

His principles of communal harmony, simple living, high thinking, and primary education requirements, are helping India to become a leading developed economy with several policies formulated to bring the backward sections of the society into the mainstream.

He has taught us simplicity, honesty, self-belief, and kindness. He is known as the man who leads a remarkable life, bringing dramatic change to the minds of Indians.

He is the Father of the Nation, and his values hold relevance in the 21st century in shaping India’s development. The world continues to follow his vision, compassion, and his ability to accept and love everyone.

As his quote said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” It is in our hands to follow this quote and bring the change.

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