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Until December 2021, we have worked with over 300 writers from all over the world.

16 of our international compilations are now available for purchase on Amazon with a worldwide distribution to over 170 countries.

We hold regular creative writing contests, and your submissions go through a rigorous screening process by not just our editorial team; we invite jury members to judge your work for a fair selection process.

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WriteFluence is an innovative literary consultancy supporting the world of writers, authors and showcasing their talent.

We believe in giving aspiring writers the opportunity to expand their wings on our platform, and encouraging a learning attitude towards writing right, and writing to influence.

We are dedicated to bringing the best literature to readers around the world. Our passion for the written word is matched only by our commitment to working closely with authors to help bring their stories to life. At our publishing firm, we strive to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for writers of all backgrounds and genres.

What we offer

What we have founded

All events organized by WriteFluence aim at providing opportunities to individuals to display and develop their literary skills.

The WriteFluencer Awards
The WriteFluencer Awards are the first recognition of its kinds, exclusively created for self-published writers from India.

PenFluenza, FemmeFluenza and WriteFluenza
(International short-story writing contests held annually)
Our writing contests have found love from all across the globe since December 2000, and writers associated with us have turned into happy authors.

WriteFluence Singles

One of its kinds, this contest has an avid participation from all over the world where writers contest and support the concept of saving paper and opting to e-publish their short story into an ebook.

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Testimonials from writers of PenFluenza, our international premier league short story contest