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Contributor Terms and Conditions

  • Copyright of all posts on WriteFluence rests with individual authors, unless otherwise agreed upon mutually in writing (usually via email)
  • WriteFluence editors can make changes to your posts such as language edits and eliminating redundancies
  • By submitting your post on WriteFluence, you do not claim any remuneration
  • We are particular about never featuring plagiarized work and expect our contributors to respect writers’ copyright
  • Make sure to update your profile information to reflect your name and picture appropriately on the posts you create
  • We will not be publishing write-ups that lack quality. Please do a thorough check of your articles with reference to grammar and spelling before submission. If your article/s are not published on the website within a week’s time; consider them rejected due to quality / word limit specifications / profile updates
  • Minimum word limit per submission: 300 words

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Do consider making a contribution to keep us going with our literary journey with you!
Do consider making a contribution to keep us going with our literary journey with you!
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