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Witty, self-depreciating, sometimes uproariously funny and sometimes unbearably sad.

  • Letter to Alexis (Schitt’s Creek)

    Your transformation from a spoiled princess privilege to an unfettered undisputed queen is my favorite one of all time. Your idiosyncrasies as a damsel in distress made me laugh out loud, but your evolution into a fiercely phenomenal woman made me applaud you louder.

  • Letter To Penny (Big Bang Theory)

    Dear Penny, In a sitcom that’s all about science & geeks, only a spunky, care-free & confident woman like you can manage to make such a strong a place for herself in my heart. Being the only non-scientist in the… Read More ›

  • Letter to Ananya from 2 States

    Dear Ananya, Being the prettiest & most sought-after girl, the ambitious economics topper at the prestigious IIM, the fierce dowry shunner or the bold & daring lover is not what makes you my favourite female character of all time. I… Read More ›

  • Galaxies Of Love

    My love for you was as vast as the galaxy that we’re just miniscules of. It was a galaxy where like the sun, I brought a glow into your dark world, with my light so strong, that I sucked all… Read More ›

  • Dear Zindagi – Scene Analysis

    The final therapy session between Kaira and Jug, where Kaira confesses her feelings for him, remains my favourite one from plenty others that I absolutely love from the unconventional Dear Zindagi. For a strong-headed yet weak-hearted Kaira, therapy was a… Read More ›

  • To the Eternal Sunshine in my sky

    Dear Sushant, Somewhere between heaven & earth this letter filled with my pain, might just lose its way, just like you lost yours in this gruesome world. Would it be alot to ask you to return from your peaceful abode? … Read More ›

  • Mirrors

    As my eyes shift their glance in the mirror, From gazing at the beauty you possess,To my own bare, uncovered body,That you ravish like it’s your favourite meal,I moan your name with pleasure,Surrendering every inch of my body,And every speck… Read More ›

  • A prom to remember

    I stand at my beautiful bestfriend’s engagement ceremony today, with tears of joy in my eyes. I smile at the marvel she is, because it takes a fighter to pick yourself up at 16, when you spend prom night at… Read More ›

  • Sawaar Loon – Song Synopsis

    In a world brimming with impermanence, Sawaar Loon is a melody that transports you back to the time when love was sacredly permanent, & found itself in plucked flower petals, painted brush strokes & savoured handwritten letters. Three soothing minutes… Read More ›

  • Hobby

    Getting fired from my corporate job this pandemic, I was distraught & pretty helpless since the month of May. A few weeks into reviving my old hobbies as a distraction from the catastrophe my life had become, I realised it… Read More ›