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An alumna of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale, is a free-lance journalist, educationist, author and a poet. She likes to write about her life, anecdotes and fiction.
Her stories have been published in paperbacks, e-books, and on online portals. She is a regular contributor for both The Impish lass Publishing House and Inkfeathers Publications and her stories have been published in many of their anthologies. She is also an editor and is presently conceptualising and editing two anthologies. Her poems and stories have been published on many online platforms and she has won many certificates for the same.
She has taught English in many schools and retired from Delhi Public school, Pune in 2004 after a career of over 14 years to pursue her passion for writing.
She lives in Mumbai with her family. You can follow her on her blog . She can be reached at .

  • Bura Na Mano…..

    The streets used to be alive with this ditty, “Bura na mano, Holi hai!!”, when we were carefree youngsters growing up in posh South Delhi.