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  • This season, take away the winter blues

    rear view of walking woman in blue coat

    Seasonal depression is real and exacerbated by the laughter, shopping, and conversations around. Not all feel the joy that festivities are supposed to bestow in our lives.

  • Christmas cards – Can we revive the tradition?

    shallow focus photo of believe in the magic of christmas signage

    Christmas cards were a way of saying, we are thinking about you, and we want to remain in touch. This sentiment is now expressed anywhere, anytime, through the proliferation of technology and social media.

  • The Aroma of Christmas

    person serving a freshly baked bread on a wooden tray

    My mother soaked the peels in rum and a dark, rich smell slowly permeated the house. Meanwhile, spices were ground and bottled. For me, the fragrance of all spices, particularly ginger and cinnamon, is always reminiscent of childhood.

  • The perils of a virtual hyper-loop

    woman using vr goggles outdoors

    The threat is not from artificial intelligence but from our eroding intelligence. Aldous Huxley’s Soma is in our veins; it’s the digital dopamine. George Orwell’s exposition of mind-reading state surveillance and propaganda is larger than we can ever imagine. Every data, every bit and byte, is leaving indelible digital footprints. Dystopian fiction is no more fiction.

  • Let the fireflies glow

    light hands people art

    We cannot always work against destiny. Sometimes we have to trust the process. We have to leave nature, and the fireflies, alone. The dragon flies, too, for they are not tiny helicopters to capture and play with!

  • A way with words – Your human superpower!

    Storytelling is not limited to humans; a bot can also narrate a story. However, poetry and storing writing are purely human exercises. A writing or editing tool can only complement a writer or an editor’s work by eliminating errors. It cannot provide finesse and feel to a written piece. AI is smart, but is it creative and artistic? It can produce the perfect rhyme scheme or haiku, but will it evoke sentiments or intrude on the heart and mind? It can generate a perfectly worded short active voice sentence, but will the conversation touch the soul?