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Im a teacher. I am a foodie by heart. A tea addict. I fear mathematics and needles.My passion for writing was noticed by mom. My elder brother helped me polish it and my father was the best critique of my writings. "Pen is mightier than the sword " we all have heard that. Its kind of true when it comes to my profession.

  • Why I miss my classroom??

    woman reading a book to the children

    The list of why I miss my class is endless. There are so many reasons. Above all is the bonding with my students. The virtual class somewhere does not let that happen. Somehow it kind of restricts it.

  • For the love of AB

    My mother, being my mother in her college days, went on to imitate Mr.Bachchan’s hairstyle. For which she had to face the wrath of my naani who came down hard  upon her. I mean literally with a broom and she wasn’t allowed to enter the house till some neighbours intervened.

  • I’m curvy and I like it!!!

    fashion people woman relaxation

    As a teenager I didn’t know but I used to think that what these people said was right. It took me a very long time to realise that it was all just not worth wasting my time on. I can’t go thin just because I want to be liked or married by someone.

  • Beyond the hours!

    From the POV of a teacher

  • The 15%

    I realized that it wasn’t just about sex. It was rather more about how relationships get monotonous over time and need a bit of spark…

  • Who is my Family???

    A family day special written by Vini Kunhappan