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Caffeine loving procrastinator. That's all.

  • A Closure Note

    One fine July morning in 2020, a sudden “whiz” in my right ear blocked it and all I could hear was a “beep”. Innocent me thought it was a temporary syndrome, it was going to be fine.

  • Diabolical Duo

    Autocorrect, thou art at times nice. But typo, you? Such a vice! Aren’t you two partners in crime? Pulling our legs morning till dine. Like naughty little goblins You cast spells on us With tricks up your sleevesYou tend to… Read More ›

  • Conflicting Metaphors

    I don’t wish to look back and sigh!

  • I Promise

    This year,I promise to me,I will love myself.I will put myself first for the first time.Oh yes, yes I will. This year,I won’t be that girl whoMourned her unrequited love; andPut on a synthetic smile. This year,I would discard attachmentsThat… Read More ›