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  • A little prayer for 2022 and its successors…

    woman looking at falling confetti

    Here are my dreams weaved into my prayers, all I ask you and your successors is to fulfill them unconditionally.

  • Do I Have The Right To Dream?

    woman hand white young

    For me as a woman goals have varied meaning in my life. Goals as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother – all are completely different from one another. And while I go about meticulously planning and achieving these goals there is no scope or space left to accomplish mine as an individual.

  • Embracing The Imperfectly Perfect ‘ME’

    sitting blur reflection face

    No, I don’t want to be strong, resilient, patient, forgiving anymore! I’ve had my share of being good, it’s high time I want to be myself, live my life on my terms.

  • Jingle In The Jar

    stainless steel close wrench on spanner

    When I watch people like Chotu, I consider myself extremely lucky to have a cozy shelter to live in, with all the amenities and appliances to make my life easy.

  • Titli

    fashion man love people

    This is a true story of my house help and I feel they deserve to get much more than what they make. I don’t mean only monetarily, but, respect, compassion and understanding too.

  • The Pressure’s Mounting On!

    woman sitting in front of macbook

    She waits, she dreams, the day will come, when she too will be the dame, who will conquer her own little fame, get her long pending due, for a lovely life she pulled through.