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I am mother of two lovely kids, teacher by profession and loves to write.❤

  • Sometimes 9/10 does wonders.

    brown wooden blocks on white surface

    Patience makes us stand strong even when we are not perfectly ready for any given task.

  • Juggling

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    If we don’t care for ourselves. How do we care for others? How do we maintain equilibrium between work and home?

  • Her Story

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    Even in the past few years her all dreams, ambitions and everything faded away. What she really was concerned about was only her family.
    Read ‘Her’ story written by Hema Panwar.

  • Special ones can’t be replaced

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    These special ones are not many people. Only one or two best people in our life, whom we trust more than ourself. We understand them more than we understand ourself.

  • Beautiful things are delicate.

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    Beauty is itself as much delicate as glass. Its just a PHASE OF LIFE of any thing, be it plant, animal or human being.

  • Be Natural

    When everything around is going well, we don’t bother much… but if a single thing goes against what we had planned, we feel low, irritated and broken