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  • Today’s tech-savvy grandparents

    photo of woman showing her cellphone to her grandmother

    The program commenced with a welcome speech by me. All the grandparents were seen arrayed neatly in their finest attire, seated snugly with their grandchildren. They made sure that they were visible on the screen. I could hear a child whisper…


    worm s eye view of woman holding balloons

    Once a little girl took me from a fair,
    I was sad to leave my friends but I had to get on,
    She held me by the string, pushed and pulled me up and down.
    On her way home, she casually plopped me on the road,
    I moved aimlessly here and there…

  • New Year Resolutions


    very new year brings certain hopes and aspirations. All of us hope for the best. I have taken a firm resolution to be sincere in whatever l do.

  • Kohinoori: Desires Versus Equality

    Sashank entered into the best college. He was a hard-working student. He participated in various college concerts and bagged prizes. His aims and aspirations soared him higher and higher. He desired to earn a name and fame through his talents but he was unsure whether society will treat him equally.

  • Winter is Here

    woman wearing winter jacket and beanie

    Knock, knock!! Winter is here,
    I am the king of all seasons,
    I compel everybody to loosen their treasure

  • Christmas Memories

    christmas tree with baubles

    Gift me an ethereal present in which l am substituted to a child.
    I know your magic wand is a means to suffice my wish.
    I want to relive that Christmas celebration.