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Jayashree Pisharody: A Human Resources Specialist by profession and a Poet at heart is "J.P" (as she likes to be called)...

Poetry happend to her for the 1st time in 2017 at 3.00 a.m of some cold winter night in friendship and a late night ponder about "life & death"... trying to accept how a soul left without a warning!

since then poetry has been the way of life in expressing an emotion joyful or otherwise...

Her poems are usually based on real life experiences of herself or her loved ones...

She has her page on instagram @poets.inn_poetry
where she has written over 40 poems till date

  • An ode to the poet in me

    You called urself 100gods and now you are 1 with those gods, leaving me to face the odds…

    I am just thinking how your favourite Lavendar grew onto me and may be I can never see lavender on me ever again…

  • New Year : New Me

    The Year that was: New year resolutions always begin from reflecting on “the year that was” and I must say, 2020 and the pandemic in that year got us into some hygiene rituals like washing our face, hands and legs… Read More ›

  • A fairy tale

    We loved like the shadows and the sun,The bullets and their gun! Our love was like Tracks to the train,The one that racks your brain! Our love was about Heart and the soulintertwining into peace,somewhere on the beach… Just like… Read More ›

  • Forever

    Why am I so afraid to looseWhen I have nothing to win? Why am I so afraid of the futurewhen I have a past full of terror? Why am I so afraid of my nightmareswhen my dreams are of ‘castles… Read More ›

  • Shadows : To the Grave

    “What is it like to be in love with me” he askedWondered, she pondered!Don’t the eyes always wait to recognize his shadow?And await another glimpse – knowing it will disappear as the sun dips to the sea?Don’t the hands wait… Read More ›