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  • Kinds of pain according to TattvaSamasa

    {No person is known to be free from pain ,Everyone is Subject to it} According to TattvaSamasa there are 3 kinds of Pain –1)Adhyatma – Root within human personality.2)Adhibhutam – External enviromental factors-Physical/Social.3)Adidevam – Pain brought about by celestial agencies… Read More ›

  • Energies

    There are 2 types of Energies Positive Negative Positive – Improves our health Negative – worst for our health Positive – within us Healthy physiology are within us.It is good for oneself.There are 4 types of positive which are within… Read More ›

  • Balanced Diet

    Diet chart 1 )Fats 2)Protein 3)Fibres 4)Carbohydrates A diet containing adequate quantities of all nutrients is called a Balanced diet . We need all nutrients in the right proportion and in sufficient quantities in our daily diet ,to build a… Read More ›

  • Daily intake of water

    Advantages of Drinking Water in the Morning 1. Balances your lymph system. These glands help you perform your daily functions, balance your body fluids, and Fight infection.2. Glowing Skin. Water helps to purge toxins from the blood which help keeps… Read More ›

  • Chakras

    Chakras are circular (or flower petal shaped) vortexes of energy lying across seven different points on our spinal column. The seven chakras are connected to the different glands and organs in the body and are responsible for uniform distribution. When… Read More ›

  • Ganesh kriya (Mulshodhan kriya and Ashwini mudra)

    Ganeshdhauti is a process that helps to eliminate common complaints like partial or dissatisfying bowel evacuation, hard stools, erratic, difficult or painful bowel motions, constipation and forceful evacuation etc. Nevertheless anyone can perform this kriya to experience its usefulness.Before going… Read More ›