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I am Pooja Solanki from Mumbai. Teacher by profession and writer by passion.


    When a girl gets married her world revolves around just priorities,
    In her each mistake she’s reminded of her maturity.

  • The story of my miscarriage

    To my dearest baby, I don’t know where you will be right now,I wish I could see you somehow.The day you came in my womb was the bestest day of my life,As if I got a new meaning to survive.I… Read More ›

  • The Melancholic Stillness

    Silence of my pain which is unheard and unseen, goes deeper in my thoughts daily as no one wants to know what it means.. This heavy heart is filled with lots of words to share,But there’s no one who cares.The… Read More ›

  • काश ऐसा भी होता…

    काश ऐसा भी होता…वक्त का रुख यूं मोड लेता, तो शायद आज मैं कुछ और ही होता..!वह दिन आज भी मुझे याद है, जो भूलाय ही नहीं भूलता।वह दिन जब मेरी शादी थी, कहीं अरमानों की बलि चढ़ी थी। मैं… Read More ›

  • New Year Resolutions

    A year which comes with all the new beginnings leaving behind all the scars, pain and sorrows of the previous year. This is something so common isn’t it? We love each other, we have egos , we have grudges within… Read More ›

  • Being with you

    To,Maa & Paa ‘Being with you’ a phrase that I only cherish as memories between us.You know how I used to be and what I had become, I still cannot agree. You used to make me get up in the… Read More ›