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I am Pooja Solanki from Mumbai. Teacher by profession and writer by passion.

  • Santa of my life..!

    Her smile fades my thoudands of pain.Her laughter makes me go insane. She’s the energy to my soul,Peace to my mind,Beat to my heart,Flow to my blood,Smile to my face. Her simplicity is as adorable as the beauty of nature.Nothing… Read More ›

  • Touch

    Pooja Solanki’s version of ‘At the touch of you’ by Witter Bynner

  • Judgement

    People will judge you in each and every phase,
    Starting from day one, in a number of ways

  • A walk by the sea

    So rough and rigid, yet calm and still,
    Where life wants to chill,
    And imagine for the dreams to get fulfilled.