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Professionally qualified Commercial Artist with 15+ years of content writing experience, delivering creative content for varied Industries from B2B to B2C, technology, hospitality, etc. Developed a full range of content including blog posts, feature articles, website content, radio & TV ads, brand /product explainer video scripts, brochures, social media content, book reviews, non-fiction books, and fiction short stories. Also provided editing and proof-reading services to authors of fiction novels and short story anthologies.
Social media marketing experience of 10+ years and graphic designing know-how makes me a great asset on the creative production and marketing teams.
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  • Lurking in the shadows…

    “Look, there! Lurking in the shadows,” I whispered. We had been on the lookout for quite some time now. “One such culprit is enough to cause mayhem,” my brother whispered back, his eyes still trained on our target. We all… Read More ›

  • Every night!

    Save for one, the boys cleared all the tables in the café and left. In the silence he could hear his chest wheezing. He slowly rose from the counter, shuffled to the fridge, fetched a bottle of her favorite syrupy sweet raspberry soda and put it down on the red chequered table cloth. His Delnaz looked at him so lovingly!

  • “Saying Bye-bye!”

    Only a few more days, and the constant feeling of having lived under a spell over the past many months would finally end. She was tired of the life of fear and restrictions. She had had enough! The countdown had… Read More ›