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  • It happened that night

    Okay now don’t judge us for selecting so many winners! This was just not on the cards.

    Thank you for all the amazing participation. You guys were amazing. As a token of appreciation, apart from certificates to the winners, to honor the efforts of all our participants, we’re publishing all the entries and not just the winning ones here!

    It was a treat to read the various poetic tales spun by each of our WriteFluencers about what happened that night – that ranged from love stories to werewolf mysteries to violence on women to the plight in Kashmir!

    Congratulations to all!

  • New Year Resolutions – CLOSED

    It’s already that time of the year! We make them, we break them… And yet we make them time and again. That’s our prompt for this week!New Year Resolutions 🖋️Write an article/poem/flash fiction/blog/story in NOT less than 100 words 𝗼𝗻… Read More ›

  • Short Story| Of Love & Lobsters

    “Flight no.213 is now boarding from Gate No.22!“ The announcement broke her out of her reverie. She looked around to make sure her laptop bag and purse were on her. Her head seemed heavy – she decided to sleep the… Read More ›

  • [short story] hiraeth

    There’s this mostly unknown writer who is found in a cafe with a former lover of his. From the way he talks, he seems to be made of words and sadness and little else. A suffering face, clothes a bit… Read More ›

  • short story #35: The Last Time

    He still remembered the last time he held her in one of his bear hugs. He could still feel the warm kiss she gave on his forehead. He had closed his eyes and savoured the moment even as he tucked… Read More ›

  • An Open Letter to My Anxiety

    I have suffered with anxiety for most of my adult life,. It’s something I’ve learnt to live with and I know others who suffer from it feel that way too. People who suffer with mental illnesses can seem fine and… Read More ›