Write a Nonnet – CLOSED

We asked our WriteFluencers to participate in this prompt and write a NONNET based on this image! ❤️Idea courtesy @authorvibhutibhandarkar 🍁 Post it on your feed on Instagram and tag us. 🍁 Use the hashtag #writefluencelook on your feed! Follow us on Instagram… Read More ›

Caption Contest – CLOSED

We asked our WriteFluencers to participate in this caption contest and received some amazing responses! Read on! pen_it_rather_key_itNights just get shorter, when you are by my side. hapoetry.epohLet the light fall on us authorvibhutibhandarkarJumping to conclusions, are we? authorvibhutibhandarkarThis courting… Read More ›

Erotica! – CLOSED

Phew! Erotica is any literary or artistic work that deals substantively with subject matter that is erotically stimulating or sexually arousing but is not generally considered to be pornographic. Wikipedia exactly knows what erotica means! Surprise, surprise! We just made… Read More ›

December Micro Tale Contest – CLOSED

This genre of writing is relatively a new concept! Micro tale writing is exactly what the name suggests. It means writing less and conveying more. It’s a beautiful art of having a perpetual and deep influence or impact on the reader by simple few lines.
We are guessing it was invented for the modern reader who doesn’t seem to take the time (or have the time or interest) to even read captions on social feeds at times.