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Today’s tech-savvy grandparents

The program commenced with a welcome speech by me. All the grandparents were seen arrayed neatly in their finest attire, seated snugly with their grandchildren. They made sure that they were visible on the screen. I could hear a child whisper…


Once a little girl took me from a fair,
I was sad to leave my friends but I had to get on,
She held me by the string, pushed and pulled me up and down.
On her way home, she casually plopped me on the road,
I moved aimlessly here and there…

To The Indian Society,

Eventually whatever we do and say won’t make a difference because we’re a part of the society where women cannot be like men no matter how liberal our gathering is. And so, I’m not sure if everyone here can relate to it, but I need the freedom of choice…

Why are only WOMEN age-shamed?

An online article was published some time ago, headlines: Here’s why 45-year-old Malaika Arora fell in love with 34-year-old Arjun Kapoor.
Would this article have made to the headlines if the lady was younger than the man? Never!

Do I Have The Right To Dream?

For me as a woman goals have varied meaning in my life. Goals as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother – all are completely different from one another. And while I go about meticulously planning and achieving these goals there is no scope or space left to accomplish mine as an individual.