Literary Services

We, at WriteFluence are creative aesthetes who believe in supporting aspiring writers with literary virtues, and at the best market price!

Ours is an innovative literary community featuring worthy authors and showcasing their talent. WriteFluence provides literary services such as publishing, book editing, proofreading, book designing, author branding and book promotions.

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  • The prices mentioned above are in the Indian currency (INR)
  • WriteFluence is a literary consultant and uses third party vendors for publishing.
  • Publishing services available for Indian residents only. Author features and book promo services are available for writers across the globe
  • The writer retains their copyrights and earns royalty over the sales profit of individual books once published – royalty rates may vary with different vendors. WriteFluence holds no share in the earnings of the individual author book’s sale
  • WriteFluence has the right to change package promotional rates at any time
  • WriteFluence does not provide phone support. For any queries, send us an email:

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