Publishing Services

We, at WriteFluence are creative aesthetes who believe in supporting aspiring writers with literary virtues, and at the best market price!

WriteFluence provides literary services such as book formatting and editing, proofreading, book designing, author branding and book promotions, while staying focused on innovation and quality.

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A well-proofread document reflects positively on the writer, demonstrating a level of professionalism and attention to detail. Proofreading is important to communicate the intended message effectively and avoiding any negative consequences that may result from errors or mistakes.

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Our Editorial team consists of professional writers who have been in the literary industry since a decade now. Let us make sure your story is read by a critic before it reaches a wider audience; to ensure your message is clear, concise, and error-free.

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Book Compilation and Design

A well-designed book cover can attract potential readers and make a book stand out on a crowded shelf. An eye-catching design can capture the reader’s attention and make them curious about the book’s content.

Entry to the WriteFluencers Literary Awards

We nominate your book for The WriteFluencers Literary Awards.

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Author Features and Book Launch post

We love to pamper our writers and their books with enough attention. Author promotion is important because it helps to increase visibility, build a fan base, drive sales and revenue, establish credibility, and open up new opportunities for authors

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Royalties on Sale

We help you set up your published book to receive author royalties upon its sales

WriteFluence gives new authors a virtual leg up onto a global writing platform.

Fiona Ballard, Author of Taking the Bandage

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Let’s make something beautiful together.


  • Publishing services available for Indian residents only
  • Fees Rs.3500/- to be paid during registration. Link to make the payment is on the registration form
  • WriteFluence is a literary consultant and uses third party printing and distribution services.
  • The writer retains their copyrights and earns royalty over the sales profit of individual books once published – royalty rates may vary with different vendors.
  • WriteFluence holds no share in the earnings of the individual author book’s sale. The charges mentioned are for publishing assistance services.
  • All additional service requests will be chargeable.