Your fingers graze mine,
As you look into my eyes, our hands entwined,
Your “I love you” soothes my ears,
But despite all these sincere tries,
I’m unable to mask the tears,
That keep flowing from my eyes.


A 2016 vacation to the land of the rising sun made me fall head over heels for the beauty that is Tokyo City. Apart from currently being the most populated and the largest metropolitan in the world, Tokyo as a city stands for courage, vigor and progress. The city that even a world war couldn’t manage to destroy, is resplendent with beauty in every form.

Dear Krish & Ananya

You’re dubbed the quintessential bollywood masala couple, but most people fail to see how you’re so much more than that. You’re a testament of love, struggle, sacrifice & diligence that every young Indian couple can resonate with. You paint a very real picture of what marriage in today’s Indian society looks like.

Days of Love

“Loving me isn’t easy at all. How do you do it anyway?”, your moist eyes glare at me through the low quality camera on our laptops. “Our relationship reminds me of the 7 days of the week. Each one comes… Read More ›


Some incidents in life just leave you wrecked forever. Whether you were bullied as a child, looked down upon by family or relatives, cheated on in a relationship, faced a harsh rejection from someone you loved, accused of something you… Read More ›


I promise to comfort you every time your favourite football team loses the match. I promise to be your personal photographer and click great, Instagram worthy pictures of you. I promise to let you win an argument every once in a while, even though you know I am always right.

Long Distance

“I don’t think I can come back anytime soon. I’m just stranded in NYC, the flights back to India aren’t functional anymore, and I’m literally surviving on three day old pizza right now!”, she groaned. “How am I supposed to… Read More ›

The boy with the unstitched heart

The boy with the unstitched heart,
It’d be crazy to call him anything but a work of art.
With his cheerful, glowing face and a mind so wise,
Just like after a cold, stormy night, his presence feels like the warmth of an early sunrise.


My 15th birthday fell on March 10, 2020. Dad had called 5 days ago, & had promised to return home in time for my birthday this year. There was nothing I wanted more than to see his face, but this… Read More ›